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Over the past couple of days two individuals have left posts on my musings on the election  and, something's amiss.

ANT was elected as the Fashion District resident representative.

However - His candidacy was for the South Park resident position.

And, the message left on my website places him in the Eastern Columbia building...which is just inside the boundary for the Historic Core.

Hmmmm...  Wonder how this happened?  Seriously - I wonder how this happened?  

I've dropped an email to the Clerks office to follow up.

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Ginny-Marie said...

Update from Russ....

On Fri, Jul 4, 2008 at 7:59 PM,

dlanc.jr2brown@gmail.com wrote:

Yes. I filled a grievance on this issue. The. City clerk would not give us the FD address before the election. I checked the address and it was not a residence. City clerk called with the new info and he has withdrawn. We will have to have a special election