No Max - you ARE NOT cool.

Fresh from Starbucks. (No fear - it's just iced soy milk.)

There was this guy in front of me who ordered an double shot of espresso over ice, and two shots of caramel.

His order was about $3.00.

When his drink was ready he asked for extra caramel sauce.

He got his drink in his cheap little hand, went over to the condiments counter and filled the rest of the cup up with nonfat milk.

Then, he giggles in delight and says " I just got a 4 dollar drink for 3 dollars"

His friends nod in affirmation of his drink order.

And, I sighed (unfortunately...loudly) and thought to myself, this guy is such a waste of air. First off - sure, he's getting a great deal on "his drink" but he's made a mockery of the whole essence of Starbucks. Second, enjoy the true taste and roast of the coffee, don't eff it all up with your caramel sauce and STEALING of milk. Third, I think those frappy-drinks are total crap and waste of good coffee. (I know...Alex likes them, but still..CRAP).

If it is a matter of not being able to afford the frappachino that you wanted in the first place, suck it up. Life's full of disappointments, get a drink that you both like and can afford. Don't go wasting the talent of the beautiful baristas behind the bar. But, Max, if you are just cheap...well...I'm sorry, but be cheap at Dunkin' Doughnuts. Not at Starbucks.

Ode to the Starbucks Gossip site!

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