Moving in...Again

For those who need a reminder, Alex and I move often.

We got the keys for the new place at SB Manhattan on Monday, and the movers came by on Saturday to move the big stuff.  We used LA Prom Moving - excellent!  They moved fast, were on time, and just exceeded our expectations.  I think we found our movers to use for now on.  The price - couldn't be beat.  They would put a couple of the small boxes in a wardrobe box, allowing them to move 3 or 4 boxes at a time.  Which is a huge time savings because unloading the truck took even less time than packing the truck.  And, since the wardrobe boxes were free, there just wasn't any reason why it wouldn't be a great idea.  Our Ikea furniture got the Pottery Barn treatment....  I can't say enough positive things about the whole experience.

Our house is currently overrun with boxes, stuff that needs to go to our storage unit, and stuff that just needs to go away.

Let's start with the stuff that needs to go away.  If you want them, they are yours:
  • three rugs.  Of the three, two of them match.  The third rug has a matching ottoman that Alex wants me to get rid of.  
  • Futon!  I don't know what we are going to do with this.  First, it doesn't fit with the rest of our Ikea furniture, more importantly, it's too large for our place.  It works just fine, it just needs to go.
The stuff that needs to go to our storage unit is all my fault.  We had a moving truck, but I scheduled it too late in the day and we were unable to get everything in the truck, and get it up to the storage unit before they closed.  If I wasn't pregnant, I'd be able to move this stuff with no problem.  I mean - I grew up moving fire wood, shoveling gravel...I may be small but I can move things.  But, just not right now.

The my pregnancy fog I forgot to label ALL of the boxes.  Opening up the boxes that I packed is like Christmas over and over and over again.  My favorite box to open was the baby stuff.  I kept tearing up because I was thinking "Oh, yeah...we moved here because we are having a baby and I wanted a Washer/Dryer in the unit!"  Why I keep tearing up over a stupid washer/dryer...I dunno.  But, I'm sure in a couple of months I won't tear up over it, I'll just be happy that I don't have to take baby clothes to the end of the hall, or worry about where I left the laundry card...AGAIN.

It was a hot weekend to move.  I'm tired of moving in the summer.  Look at this trend:

Location/Move In
Santee Court/Memorial Day Weekend 2004
Pacific Electric/August 2005
SB Manhattan/4th of July Weekend 2008

That's it, no more!  This lease is up July 2009.  Next move can be October 2009 (You know after the Dodgers win the world series) or after Valentines day.  Even better - moves can only take place between January and April.  But, not in March (Alex's Birthday).  So, January, February, April?  No, I need February to save up for Alex's birthday.  January...tends to be a light month for community meetings.  April can't work because Baseball season starts.  So - January...January it is.  But, that would mean no move until 2010.  Hmmm.  I may need to rethink this.  Maybe Early November 2009, there's no sports of note during that time (except for off-season baseball, but I can read up on that). 

I'm done with this hot weather mess.  The only benefit is that Alex and I lose weight (which didn't happen this time because we ate pizza the whole weekend).  The next move we will be doing with a baby in tow.  It's unlikely that she will be able to help at all.  She can carry her binky and blanket.  

Don't get me wrong, I like moving around.  I spent my entire childhood in the same house, and rearranged my room on a regular basis.  Once I turned 18, I didn't stay anywhere for very long.  I think Pacific Electric was the longest I'd stayed put since moving from my dad's house. While it would be nice to call something our own, I'm sure we would get antsy and start looking at new places to live - constantly.

I think that is why Downtown is good for us, as there's always something new opening up.  This time next year South Park may be overflowing with new units, or Pacific Electric does a remodel and puts the washer/dryers in more of the units.  Or at least, encourage the management not to hog up all the units with w/d.  Santee Court would be fun to move back to as well.  However,I think Alex is looking at City West as our next location.

I'd like to finish unpacking here first, deliver Iolani, and then think about what's next.

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Brooke said...

You don't know me, so I apologize for the random blog comment intrusion...but I was just wondering if you'd be so kind as to share how you're liking the SB Manhattan. Any major complaints? My husband and I are thinking of getting a place there, so I'm curious about hearing reviews from tenants.