I'd sleep more

But, I've got matching leg cramps in my legs.  

Drinking more water....

Cheers!  Here's to 6 and unknown number of weeks to go!

Had the follow up glucose test this week.  Fasting is difficult under any circumstances, but when you've got a baby kicking inside reminding you to eat - someone (Alex) needs to block all access to food at all hours of the day.  But, I did it.  

At 9 am on Thursday I went in for the screen.  The first check was at 9:15, again at 10:15, and 11:15.  I met with the doctor to find out that I'd passed the first check, and failed the second two...but not by much.  The last check at 12:15 put me in the clear - so no gestational diabetes.  But, a stern warning from the doctor to eat more veggies, and NO MORE PINEAPPLE.  (both of which I've done for a couple of weeks).

I can smell pineapple a mile away.  And, it's everywhere.  On the fruit carts in the neighborhood, at Central Market, Ralphs, Whole Foods, Bristol...the Pineapple follows me.  Actually - it comes to me...Pastor gave me two cans of pineapple juice just last weekend.  It sits in the fridge.  It can be my Labor Reward (because the baby won't be enough...riiiiiight?).

Yesterday we met up with Alex's parent for lunch, which turned into stroller shopping, which turned into rocker shopping.  Which probably explains the matching leg cramps - I did an amazing amount of walking yesterday.  The car seat will be installed in the car on the 21st.

The 21st...7 days earlier than our goal.  For the first time this whole pregnancy we finally were able to do something before the "suggested date"!  Maybe we've officially caught up on the whole baby preparation.  Uh...not yet...the crib still needs to be secured.    Now we know what to do with the extra 7 days.  :-)

The rocker...oh man...interesting story.  The first trip to the Children's Wonderland, the rocker was the second thing Alex saw.  This store was made for him. 

Can I just say that the first time we walked around Target, poor Alex looked like he was going to have a graphic design anxiety attack.  The bright colors, the frills, the lace...all freaked him out.  And, I don't think I helped by joking around, trying to make light of the whole thing said "well...I guess this is our life now"  

And, we left Target right away.  Actually - we had to leave the whole mall and go home.  

Anyways - Children's Wonderland...

He sees the crib...he says - ohhh...the lines, the shape, the color...this works.

I see the price tag...I say - "months rent...no way!"

He moves to the left and says - look at this chair, it matches the furniture!  And it rocks!  And, it is big enough for the two of us to sit together!

I have to admit, I like the rocking chair.  I want a rocking chair, but I couldn't find one that matched what we have.  Until this place.  

So, the fact that he likes the look of the chair, and I like the fact it rocks...the rare moment that we agree on a piece of furniture had arrived.  In the past, I'd left all the furniture or "designy" things up to Alex.  At Ikea he'd asked me if this fabric would look good with that fabric, and I just peek and say whatever moved me at the moment.  I don't give it much thought.  He on the other hand (which is one of the many things I find amazing about him) can visualize how one piece of furniture will impact the whole room.  

He is left to focus on the design stuff, and I focus on making it work.  However - I must tell everyone - he's been using the screwdriver set I bought him for Christmas!  

So - to wrap it all up (because the leg cramps are unbearable and I must start walking around) Children's Wonderland...great place to shop.  They have the good strollers, not scary baby furniture, all the fixin's for feeding your child, books, tutus and most importantly - a nice clean bathroom!

And, Alex rules for being able to stay calm when I wake up grabbing my legs saying "OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD...I've got a cramp!"  

The first time it happened he thought I went into labor, bounced out of bed and was half dressed when I told him the cramp had passed.  While he wasn't happy with me at that moment, he was relieved to find out that I wasn't in labor.

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