FUMC LA and Marriage

Ever since I was a kid, finding out that there were people who "weren't allowed to marry" I have always wholly support anyone who wants to marry, regardless of gender or sexual identify or sexual preference. If anything else, life is rough enough for us to think we can "go it alone" and that once you find your true love, nothing should stand in the way of it.
As a member of the First United Methodist Church of Los Angeles -I support Pastor Sandie without hesitation. My preference is that she be able to work in an environment that allows her to not only serve her congregation, but the community as a whole. The current hamstringing by our national church doctrine is the only thing that holds her back. I know I would not be the only one to say that if Sandy wanted to place church and community needs above national church doctrine, I'll be there to support her.
Hopefully now that you've had a chance to view the documents our congregation and pastor have been provided with, you can make a more informed choice how you see FUMC LA.

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