From DONE - not a "Happy Friday" email

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From: Betty Wong Oyama
Date: Fri, Jul 11, 2008 at 2:35 PM
Subject: Fwd: NC Election Challenge
To: Brady Westwater , Russell Brown , Ginny-Marie Case , Susan Tae
Cc: Amber Meshack , Kevin McNeely

Dear DLANC Executive Board Members,

As you well know by now, the Downtown Los Angeles NC received an NC Election Challenge to the election held on June 12, 2008, conducted by the Office of the City Clerk. Per the DLANC Election Procedures, the City Clerks Office will issue the Final Election Report on Tuesday July 15, 2008.

In accordance with the DLANC Election Procedures, Article XVIII, Seating of Newly Elected Board Members, Section A., states that the following:

"Newly elected governing board members will not be seated pending the final results of a recount or resolution of all election challenges. The incumbent board members will continue in their duly elected/appointed positions until the election challenges are resolved."

Lastly, please be advised that the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE) have not received DLANC 2008-09 Budget that was originally due on June 13, 2008. We understand due to the June NC Elections, DLANC did not have the opportunity to finalize and submit the budget. At this time it is strongly suggested that the current board have a Regular or Special Board Meeting to approve the budget, and include a clause stating, "subject to revision by newly elected 2008-09 Board Members.

Whatever the Neighborhood Council wishes to move forward with, please be sure to follow process you have used in the past, such as posting the agenda at regular locations, website, etc., all of course in compliance with the Brown Act.

I've attached a copy of DLANC's Election Procedures. Please feel free to contact me with any other questions you may have.

Thank you,

Betty Wong Oyama
City of LA, Department of Neighborhood Empowerment
305 E. 1st Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

phone: 213/473-5095
fax: 213/473-3569
Toll Free City Access Line 3-1-1


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lewis wong said...

Dear Betty Oyama-Wong:
Thanks for posting the information, entitled "From DONE- not a "Happy Friday email" I was a candidate for the election and had not had any news about the results' being challenged.

I now understand that as of July 18, 2008, why there has been no no FIRST MEETING OF NEWLY ELECTED DIRECTORS despitde there had been a June 12, 2008 NC election.

Are the challengers to the DLANC election satisfied with the responsed to the issues that they present as challenges?

I wish the incumbent board will not forever put off electing a new term's executive directors of the NC.

Lewis Wong


Ginny-Marie said...


Please note that I simply pasted the email from Betty into my blog posting.

The election was certified this week. DLANC's next meeting (per their website) is on the 22nd. I anticipate they will be electing officers at that time.