Can the tummy get any bigger?

Yesterday I had to come home early from work. Actually, when I left work I called Alex to tell him I was coming his way and that he would need to take me to the doctor. I was having really bad back pain, those Toni Braxton contractions seemed a little more aggressive than I remember them being. I tried calling the doctor, only to be met with "He's not in"

Once we did find the doctor, he made it clear that I'd been doing too much and not drinking enough water.  I agree with both

I've always been busy (some say a busybody), but it has been a source of pride that I've been all up in everyone elses business.  And, now I need to redirect and get up in my business.  So, at 34 weeks...yes I admit it...I'm tired, my back aches, and going through nights with leg pain is getting old.

But, like everyone says - "you are almost done"

Yes, I'll get to trade the mass of movement in my belly for a happy little girl.

I guess we should go get the crib or something.

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