Word from PE Lofts

The interim manager called back.

Even though we've been reporting noise complaints for the last 6 months, he said it's difficult to evict a tenant just for that (noise).

It's likely Art the Ass will be moving in the next 90 days, but it won't be because of his stereo speakers that are hooked up to his laptop.

So, while both Art the Ass and the Brideau/Case household will likely be packing up at the same time...there's really no reason for us to call the Courtesy Patrol or Police any more. All that Courtesy Patrol can do is ask Art the Ass to turn down his stereo. And, the police can fine Art the Ass for the noise complaint.

In the meantime - Apt 614 can play his thump-thump music all night long with the least likely of chance that anything will happen - except for Alex and I missing our nights of sleep.

Thank you tenant protection laws.

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