Pacific Electric Lofts - Only for the drunken 30 somethings.

Alex and I have decided that it's time to leave the cute place we've called home for the last three years. We've lived at PE Lofts for quite some time in Downtowner-years. We've lived through construction, at least four building managers, and currently living with/next to a very loud neighbor.

The ultimate in what we've experienced was this past new years and you can read about it here.

Our neighbor is that guy who is either hard of hearing or just loves his club music. He could be both hard of hearing and has a love for club music - either way, the club music plays incessantly. It's like his apt knows when he's home and instantly turns on. The impact of that sound can be SEEN on our walls. As I sit here at my dining table I SEE our picture frames rattle and I HEAR his music.

When he has his parties (which tend to start at 10 p.m.) Alex and I get the joy of not just hearing the music, but hearing Art's (that's our neighbor) friends laugh, drop stuff, stumble around Art's apt until the early hours of the next day.

I've asked Art to turn down his music in the early evenings - no results. I've been at his door at 2 a.m. to tell him to turn his music off - no results. I've called down to the office multiple times, the building's security's been up multiple times, even the police have been here. Art could give a rat's ass. Art could care less. And, now it is clear to me that the building owner (not the building managers - but the building owner) could give a rats ass as well.

Which is so disappointing. Like I said, Alex and I have live here for a while, we were one of the first on this floor - and we are the last of the original people who moved into the building. I've always touted how much I like this building. I thought we'd live here for a while more while we waited the mortgage crunch out/saved more money.

It looks like this isn't really an option for us any more. Pacific Electric has been unable to 1) enforce their own lease agreements. In all that Art has done, in all the times we've documented our inability to get a good nights rest - Pacific Electric Lofts has done nothing to remedy the noise situation.

Before Art, the neighbors who occupied that unit had their parties, they had a dog - and we never had any trouble. Parties ended at a reasonable hour, didn't mimic frat parties, and the dog didn't bark endlessly as music plays in the background.

2) Make us feel like we should stay here. We've been month to month for a couple of months now. In the back of my mind this has been the building manager's way of asking us to leave without having to ask us to leave. But, I tend to think that Alex and I are good tenants. We keep our house clean, come to building meetings and events, speak highly of the building, encouraged people to visit the building and consider living here.

So, as we head into the Downtown Los Angeles living weekend - here's my post. Come check out the building. See how the pool rules go unenforced, ask about how many building managers we've had in the past year. Check out our freight elevator and notice the dog pee smell. The dog run is also another great place to let your dog visit with other dogs and get sick.

Ask about how our maintenance crew is treated, just ask about turnover. Check out the basement parking lot. My favorite - enjoy the vacant retail store front - which has been the biggest disappointment the whole time we've live here.

The bright shining light of our building right now are our leasing agents. With no sarcasm in my voice I can say I've never met a leasing agent in this building that I haven't liked - begining to now - all of them have been top notch. Too bad they don't get the management support to back them up...even further - it's so sad to see a building owner let this beautiful building be faced with a tenant like Art (and there are multiple "Art"s on each floor - all going unchecked), pool parties that mimic South Beach at Spring Break, and a little more.

Alex and I had high hopes for this building. We've been patient through management turnovers, empty promises of retail on the ground floor, and the seemingly every month of fire alarm testing. But, we can't wait any further.

So - PE...should we stay or should we go?


Ginny-Marie said...

Also - check out the bulletin board:

Ginny-Marie said...

Here's my entry from our move-in:

Big City Poz said...

Run, Ginny, run! You don't want the new baby to grow up thinking that throwing nightly keggers is a legitimate lifestyle. I'm surprised you've lasted as long as you have. You must have an ocean of patience!

Anonymous said...

Were are you moving too? My daughter is in the PE building as well, but where togo from here?


Ginny-Marie said...

We are moving to the SB Manhattan building. They recently open and the developer has a couple of buildings/floorplans/price ranges to choose from.

If you go to the Manhattan - ask for Sarah...she's been a rockstar for us!

Anonymous said...

I am thinking about moving into Pacific Electric, I am somewhat hesitant from hearing this and some things I saw on I take it you would not recomend the building from the way your experience ended? How has the SBLofts been? Comparable prices?

Anonymous said...

Do you know who owns the PE Lofts building? If yes, can I have their contact info?