Musings on the election

As I've been looking at the unofficial results of the DLANC election a couple of things stand out...can't say it was all about DLANC turning out voters, but rather candidates turning out voters.  

Let's run down the list:

Resident - Alameda East: Michael Francesconi  was the only candidate.  Hopefully one of the votes was his.

Resident - Bunker Hill: Russell Chan...I really thought that Kenneth "Downtown Dog Walker" would win this one.  My hunch is that many of the folks who would have voted for Ken don't live in Bunker Hill but rather Historic Core.  (That's where ALL the dogs are at...and it's their Owners who are supposed to vote)

Resident City West: - Oh...we got a race people - it's a TIE! Jerard and Mamta...we will have to see what the final results are.  Wonder what we do with a tie?  Bylaws are silent on it.  RUNOFF?  In that case, my money is still on Jerard...good guy, brings a tremendous amount to the table in terms of being a long-time downtown resident, wealth of transit knowledge, and known outside of Downtown circles as being a "get things done" kind of person.

Resident - Civic Center: Stanley walked away with this one.  The board can look forward to two more years of bylaws and Roberts Rules of Order challenges.  Start planning those meetings now...

Resident - Central City East: My pick won.  General the last couple of months I've found him to be an invaluable resource.  Approachable, respected, and results orientated - sounds like I'm giving him a recommendation for a job...but he's going to do a great job representing a  historically underrepresented community.

Resident - Fashion District: Um...who is ANT?  

Resident - Historic Core: Patti Berman - she turned out the vote.  Don't know what happened to the Dwight and Kris - but I expected more turnout for my old spot...

Resident - South Park: Another Tie!  Scott Bytoff and Mary Wentz each wit 9 votes.  SOUTH PARK WAKE THE EFF UP.  Scott and Mary should have at least had 20 or more votes for all the mixers we've had in your 'hood.  Put down the martini glass and pay the effing attention.  

Business - Alameda East: Okay, Lapchih Fan didn't even vote for themselves.  That's crap.

Business - Central City East/Toy District: James Doizaki ran all by himself and 8 people voted for him....  See James knows how to get it done.

Business Director - Downtown Center: I called it, but I didn't think I'd actually be right.  Congrats to Jon for turning out the've got some big shoes to fill...please please please don't disappoint.

Business - Fashion District: Brandon Coburn hopefully voted for himself.  

Business - Historic Downtown: Michael  Delijani.  Michael is incredibly busy, but dedicated to downtown.  This most likely means two more years of Frank filling in for him at the meetings.  Frank is a great guy, and the board should be lucky to have him.

Business - South Park: Mike Pfeiffer got 32 votes to Dinty Moore's ZERO.  With all the new SP businesses I expected more of a race....

Resident - Area-wide: Russ so far has 97 votes, Jessica Jordan with 77, and Jerry and Johnathan falling very far behind.  You know in a couple of posts ago I supported Johnathan for this spot.  I had hoped that Russ would have run for the Historic Downtown Business spot, and not the resident.  Yes - Russ lives downtown, but IMO I think his strength is representing businesses.

Area-wide Artist: Dawna!  She's been my pick for the last 6 months.  Dawna's awesome, long time downtown resident, brings an amazingly patient and calm voice to the boisterous board.

Area-wide Business: Hal!  He's on vacation and we should let him rest.  However - don't forget to congratulate our never-without-energy Downtown Booster!

Area-wide ACE: Shane...2 more years of endless artist requests for money coming to the Arts Committee.  People - That's Not All They Do!

Area-wide ACE Professional Artist: I told people to vote for Adam.  But, Adam didn't vote for himself.  So, DLANC will have Brady for another 2 years.  This time however - please don't make him a VP...he needs a break from this.

Area-wide - Private Workforce: Ashley Zarella not only voted for herself but got 23 people to vote for her too.  Take that you posers!

Area-wide - Public: Gunnar Hand so far is stomping on Sylvia...maybe as the votes continue to come in we'll see this race get closer.

Area-wide - Homeless: Henry Proctor - Congrats!  You already have more votes than what the guy before you had.  Please be a presence!

Area-wide - Social Service Provider: My pick was Antoinette and well...she's still in the race.  Wendell Blassingame is up there with 44 votes.

Finally the "at-large" At-Large.    This is an interesting race.  I was relieved to see that Mr. Wong's numbers weren't as large as I feared.  This is the guy who kept emailing me proposal after proposal to fund his work...and never showed up at a meeting to move any of it forward.  The neighborhood councils should be on the look out for this guy - intentional or not, this guy just screams out SCAM to me.

The race looks to be between Don Garza and Alex Cha.  Given Don's outburst regarding how I handled outreach during the election, and all the people who dropped multiple things to help Don get elected - this is truly his race to lose.  Don has name recognition, he's well known in the community...however it may be his attitude and tendency for unruly outbursts that keep him in the permanent alternate spot.  Will Don Garza be downtown's Howard Dean of 2004?  Don will be the only person who can answer this.  

If the votes keep coming in like they have  - Alex Cha will be the first at-Large At-Large Director.

And, that's my first take on the early results from the DLANC election of 2008.  Not all the votes are in, and everything is bound to change...hopefully all those zero votes will start to pick up.


jim said...

ANT is a comedian. he was on a previous season of 'Last Comic Standing'.

Ginny-Marie said...

I knew that much...Great - this should make the meetings interesting.

Big City Poz said...
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Sean Yoda Rouse said...

It would be interesting to see how these results would differ if the election used Instant Run-off Voting instead of plurality voting.

Hopefully there are more votes to be counted, because it seems astounding to me that a candidate could receive zero votes. (Wouldn't the candidate at least vote for himself or herself?)

Ginny-Marie said...

Sean -

Alex and I have been talking about IRV for NC elections for quite sometime. Unsure how to take the first step...but maybe now that I'm off the board I can spent a little more time on it.

Anonymous said...

I thought I remember seeing or reading that ANT lived in the Eastern Columbia Building. That's in the Historic Core. Don't or at least shouldn't you have to live in the area you represent? Seems weird.

Dara said...

But he (ANT) doesn't even live in the Fashion District. He lives at the Eastern Columbia which is in the Historic Core. How did he become "qualified" to be our "RESIDENT" director in our district? Seems criminal to me.....

Ginny-Marie said...

I'm looking into it right now...

Ginny-Marie said...

It looks like he ran for the resident director from South Park, but lives in the Historic Core - and yet some how may have ended up on the ballot as the Fashion District resident candidate.

I've dropped an email to the Clerk's office (they ran the election) I cc'd the Executive Board of the outgoing DLANC.

And, I'll post a fresh blog entry right now...

Ginny-Marie said...

On Fri, Jul 4, 2008 at 7:59 PM, wrote:

Yes. I filled a grievance on this issue. The. City clerk would not give us the FD address before the election. I checked the address and it was not a residence. City clerk called with the new info and he has withdrawn. We will have to have a special election

Dara said...

WOW, What was ANT trying to pull? that's so not cool. Running in South Park, then Fashion District and lives in the Historic Core? Filing a false address? I find it hard to be any kind of innocent mistake on his part.

And I hear he serves on their (Eastern Columbia) HOA board? I'd hate to have him on my board in my building. That's pretty shameful if he's that dishonest.