Do you want to visit Pacific Electric today?

From my blog...just in time for Sunday Tours:

Do you want to visit Pacific Electric today?

The update from 3 AM:

The courtesy patrolman and I visited Art the Ass at 4:12 this morning. I felt the CP needed to see what we are faced with on a regular basis. I knocked on the door, Art answered. I said it's 4 in the morning, your party started at 2, your guests are gone, turn off your stereo please.

"I'll turn it down" he says.

"No, Art - turn it off. You turn it down we still hear the bass. It is time to turn your stereo off" I say.

"It is my laptop" he responds.

G: "I don't care, turn it off"

A: "The street noise is louder than my music"

G: And, since 2004 I've been able to get a good night's rest. Turn off your stereo

A: I'll turn it do....

G: You need to turn it off.

Art then looks pleadingly to the CP, hoping for some kind of relief.

CP: Art, it's 4 a.m. these people need to rest.

Alex arrives on scene...

Alex: "we can hear your music through the wall. If we didn't do you think we'd be up?"

Art: I'll turn it down.

G: You need to turn it off.

I begin to repeat this phrase as Art all of the sudden doesn't understand what I'm asking. Sure the music is playing off his laptop, but he's hooked up to a sound system. The sound system is right up against our wall. The bass travels through our wall like it's a flimsy Ikea lampshade.

The music stayed down for 15 minutes after we left. It played for the rest of the night. And, 9 minutes before my alarm clock is supposed to go off...Art's thump-thump music continues to flow as if he's been partying since it was 1999.

Street noise doesn't phase us. The only thing that really would get me out of bed (prior to Art's arrival to Pacific Electric Lofts) was a person screaming violently, and the occasionally (like once a year occasional, check my blog) drunken party participant. What Art is being allowed to get away with is unreasonable.

Art Levin's is in unit 614 at the Pacific Electric Lofts. Located at 610 S Main Street (6th/Main)

Today is the last day of the Downtown Living Weekend, and Pacific Electric has an open house. I strongly encourage everyone to come check out our building, the roof, and eat the cookies. Stop by Art's place, knock on the door and introduce yourself. Let him know you've been reading about him on the web, and you were interested to meet the guy in person.

I'm sure he'd appreciate getting to know more downtown neighbors.

You can visit me at the Metro booth at the Downtown Living Weekend. I didn't get a lot of visitors yesterday, but those I did see...was great.

For more Art the Ass stories, which are all sadly very true, visit my website!

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