Always a bridesmaid, never the bride

A couple of months ago Alex was making fun of me because the president and vice-president of DLANC were always popping up in the Downtown News. I explained that the more I'm not in the news, the more I get done.

So - what's funnier...


My quote:
"There's recently been more awareness citywide in terms of why neighborhood councils are here and their responsibilities," said DLANC Vice President of Communications Ginny Marie Case. "With the population growth Downtown, this turnout makes sense."

I know what it was...maybe the Downtown News has never had a picture of a pregnant lady in the paper before, and why break the chain.

Naaaah. What it really is that I'm not downtown during the day, I move quickly, and I don't photograph well.


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celia said...

you probably have that gene that keeps you from constantly brown-nosing politicians and the local rag sheet, muscling your way into photo-ops, finagling your way onto travel junkets to see trains, repeating anybody else's good ideas almost verbatim as if you just thought of it, and claiming credit for everything good that happens in your radius regardless of whether you actually did any work.