3:14 from 6th and Main

So, the evening ended on a bit of a high note. A white envelope label: 614 - Levin was taped to the neighbor's door. I thought this was a positive sign. Alex and I realized they must have been out all evening as the neighbor's dog barked throughout the whole evening and the same three songs thumped again and again.

2:14 a.m. Art the Ass arrives home.
How do I know this - I woke up to the even louder thump-thump-thump heard only at two places in Los Angeles County: The Abbey and my neighbor's house. The Abbey has much better taste.

By 2:30 a.m. Alex called down to the courtesy patrol desk, asked if the patrol could ask Art to turn off his music. Art turned down his music...which lasted all of 10 minutes.

While I'm half tempted to go next door and demand that the stereo be turned all, we all know what would happen. Art the Ass would just tell me no and close his door, and go back to his All Thump All The Time music.

So, we called back to courtesy patrol and asked to speak with onsite management. And, here's the beautiful part... None available. Maintenance guy is on vacation, and courtesy patrol isn't allowed to give out the number. So - if there's a fire, terrorist attack, dog mauling, death in the pool - it's courtesy patrol's ass on the line for contacting ICO Development.

Here I sit at 3:21, 6 1/2 months pregnant, church in the morning, Downtown Living weekend in the afternoon...all of which I should be resting for... Unable to contact anyone at ICO Development, anyone from the property management office for Pacific Electric Lofts.

My neighbor sucks, my building management sucks, and the building owner is quickly making my "who really sucks" list.

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