Long week

First - I admit to it. Alex and I were up in Tacoma over the weekend. Before the friends and family get upset that we didn't come to visit them - just know we didn't visit ANYONE! The purpose of the trip was to take the Amtrak Coast Starlight up to Tacoma and take it right back down. We stayed at the Hotel Murano (which was fantastic!!!). We checked into the hotel at 11 p.m. and checked out at 9:30 a.m. on Sunday.

We arrived back to Los Angeles @ 8 p.m. Monday night.

Tuesday night, met with a local business owner who's looking for the best way to connect with Downtown's new residents (I'm not calling them lofters anymore, because not everyone lives in a loft....). Also heard about the passing of Hal's beloved Buddy. :-(

Wednesday, freaking doctor appointment with a glucose test. Okay, so I like pineapple, orange juice...blah blah blah. Test came back boarderline, so I have to go back in two weeks for the full test. Outside of that, Iolani is progressing well. She looks to have Alex's nose (YEAH!!) and my legs (They are long...it's just the rest of me is short). Her heart is strong, and she kicks...OMG - does she kick.

Thursday night: We have one more PE Lofts event to go to. It's a little bittersweet...Art the Ass moved over the weekend. And, as the same time, I invited some folks who might like the building or need to meet the new manager. Which means Alex and I will drag my large body up to the roof one last time. God, I hope I don't tear up.

We are also putting together the invite list for the baby shower. I must say though...I feel weird having a party for Iolani and she's not yet born. It's like everyone is going to show up to the party early, eat all the food, and the guest of honor isn't expected for another month. I'll get over it. People want the party before she arrives...I hope that one of those people brings a crib. ;-)

Friday night: I'd like to go see Wanted.

Saturday: Pack up the storage unit and move it over to LA Storage

Sunday: Go to Church, and visit a store to find a stroller that fits in the back of the 'Cooper

Monday: Calm before the storm

Tuesday: Get keys to new place, run roomba and clean a load of laundry in our washer/dryer

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday - muster all energy to pack and move.

Saturday: Movers come to move big things

Sunday: Expect early contractions (JUST KIDDING!!! JUST KIDDING!!!)

If I had the time for a 3-d ultrasound

This is what Iolani might look like...

She's approximately 30 weeks today. Her favorite foods include Pineapple, chocolate, and eggs (Usually all together). Her favorite time of day is 4 a.m. to 6:30 a.m. (that is when she kicks the most).

Outside of that, don't know much else about her yet.

I can't enjoy, but you can...

Ode to a classmate?

I started reading the first Pepperdine School of Public Policy Review, and I had to stop.

I downloaded the PDF and got through four or five lines and started to notice something:


Almost every three or four lines are interrupted with hyphens.

For issue two someone should show the editor how to turn off the Auto-Hyphenation.

Don't Abuse The Hyphen!

P.S. The hyphens don't appear in the online version - just the PDF.

Rotary International in DTLA

And no one is covering it. 20K people from all over the world come to the convention center and all the LA media can focus on is the stupid Lakers.

If you'd like to find out about the local Rotary, click here! They meet the first and third thursdays of the month at 7:30 AM (Your due include a hot Los Angeles Athletic Club breakfast!)


Rotary stars shine bright in Los Angeles

Rotarian Don Craighead, of the Rotaract Committee, pins a fun meter button on Rotaractor McKenley Andrews.

Photo by Alyce Henson/Rotary Images

Hollywood’s glamour added to the excitement of the 99th Rotary International Convention, which began today in Los Angeles. The annual event brings Rotarians, Rotaractors , and Rotary Foundation alumni from around the world.

About 18,000 attendees -- from as far as Afghanistan, Brazil, Germany, and Zambia --converged on L.A. for this convention, which runs from 15 to 18 June.

At the official opening of the exhibition area, the House of Friendship, on Saturday morning, RI President Wilfrid J. Wilkinson welcomed all to L.A. “The world is here to see Rotary, and the Los Angeles Rotarians are playing host to the world,” he said. “It’s a fantastic experience for them -- and a great honor for me.”

This convention marks the official launch of Rotary’s drive to raise $100 million to match a challenge grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, with all funds raised going toward polio eradication. The president of the Gates Foundation’s Global Health Program, Tadataka Yamada, will address Monday’s plenary session.

Speaking at Tuesday’s plenary session are Rotary’s partners in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative – and global experts on health – UNICEF Executive Director Anne Veneman, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Julie Gerberding, and World Health Organization Director-General Margaret Chan. Wednesday’s session features Stephen Lewis, co-director of AIDS-Free World, and William Asiko, president of the Coca-Cola Foundation Africa.

Another convention star is literacy. Looking to set a Guinness World Record, Rotary’s Wide World of Books project aims to collect 250,000 books to distribute to students in kindergarten through third grade in Los Angeles public schools.

But even as they share ideas, network, and get projects off the ground, Rotarians are enjoying the convention’s fun and fellowship.

“We’re making more friends already,” said first-timer Jose Silva, of the Rotary Club of Daytona Beach West, Florida, USA, who is attending the convention with his wife, Diana. “That’s what it’s all about – ideas, together with relationships. You’re bringing people and ideas together, and things happen. It’s exciting.”

Silva, a former Ambassadorial Scholar , attended the Rotary Alumni Celebration on Friday and Saturday. Also in town for preconvention events were Rotaractors , RYLArians , and Youth Exchange officers.

At the heart of every convention is the House of Friendship, where Rotarians meet and find information on Rotary fellowships, action groups, and projects. A popular booth this year features a ShelterBox tent and all the items found in one of the group’s disaster relief boxes.

On Saturday night at the California Experience, Rotarians mingled over hors d’oeuvres and danced to the strains of a swing band before heading into the NOKIA Theatre L.A. LIVE to hear Natalie Cole perform. The mood was festive as the official start of the convention neared.

“The convention is like an annual reunion,” said Brian McLeran, governor of District 5150. “People who have never been to one are missing the best part of Rotary. It’s the celebration of the year.”

Visit www.rotary.org for news and features throughout the convention.

Always a bridesmaid, never the bride

A couple of months ago Alex was making fun of me because the president and vice-president of DLANC were always popping up in the Downtown News. I explained that the more I'm not in the news, the more I get done.

So - what's funnier...


My quote:
"There's recently been more awareness citywide in terms of why neighborhood councils are here and their responsibilities," said DLANC Vice President of Communications Ginny Marie Case. "With the population growth Downtown, this turnout makes sense."

I know what it was...maybe the Downtown News has never had a picture of a pregnant lady in the paper before, and why break the chain.

Naaaah. What it really is that I'm not downtown during the day, I move quickly, and I don't photograph well.


Musings on the election

As I've been looking at the unofficial results of the DLANC election a couple of things stand out...can't say it was all about DLANC turning out voters, but rather candidates turning out voters.  

Let's run down the list:

Resident - Alameda East: Michael Francesconi  was the only candidate.  Hopefully one of the votes was his.

Resident - Bunker Hill: Russell Chan...I really thought that Kenneth "Downtown Dog Walker" would win this one.  My hunch is that many of the folks who would have voted for Ken don't live in Bunker Hill but rather Historic Core.  (That's where ALL the dogs are at...and it's their Owners who are supposed to vote)

Resident City West: - Oh...we got a race people - it's a TIE! Jerard and Mamta...we will have to see what the final results are.  Wonder what we do with a tie?  Bylaws are silent on it.  RUNOFF?  In that case, my money is still on Jerard...good guy, brings a tremendous amount to the table in terms of being a long-time downtown resident, wealth of transit knowledge, and known outside of Downtown circles as being a "get things done" kind of person.

Resident - Civic Center: Stanley walked away with this one.  The board can look forward to two more years of bylaws and Roberts Rules of Order challenges.  Start planning those meetings now...

Resident - Central City East: My pick won.  General Jeff...in the last couple of months I've found him to be an invaluable resource.  Approachable, respected, and results orientated - sounds like I'm giving him a recommendation for a job...but he's going to do a great job representing a  historically underrepresented community.

Resident - Fashion District: Um...who is ANT?  

Resident - Historic Core: Patti Berman - she turned out the vote.  Don't know what happened to the Dwight and Kris - but I expected more turnout for my old spot...

Resident - South Park: Another Tie!  Scott Bytoff and Mary Wentz each wit 9 votes.  SOUTH PARK WAKE THE EFF UP.  Scott and Mary should have at least had 20 or more votes for all the mixers we've had in your 'hood.  Put down the martini glass and pay the effing attention.  

Business - Alameda East: Okay, Lapchih Fan didn't even vote for themselves.  That's crap.

Business - Central City East/Toy District: James Doizaki ran all by himself and 8 people voted for him....  See James knows how to get it done.

Business Director - Downtown Center: I called it, but I didn't think I'd actually be right.  Congrats to Jon for turning out the vote...you've got some big shoes to fill...please please please don't disappoint.

Business - Fashion District: Brandon Coburn hopefully voted for himself.  

Business - Historic Downtown: Michael  Delijani.  Michael is incredibly busy, but dedicated to downtown.  This most likely means two more years of Frank filling in for him at the meetings.  Frank is a great guy, and the board should be lucky to have him.

Business - South Park: Mike Pfeiffer got 32 votes to Dinty Moore's ZERO.  With all the new SP businesses I expected more of a race....

Resident - Area-wide: Russ so far has 97 votes, Jessica Jordan with 77, and Jerry and Johnathan falling very far behind.  You know in a couple of posts ago I supported Johnathan for this spot.  I had hoped that Russ would have run for the Historic Downtown Business spot, and not the resident.  Yes - Russ lives downtown, but IMO I think his strength is representing businesses.

Area-wide Artist: Dawna!  She's been my pick for the last 6 months.  Dawna's awesome, long time downtown resident, brings an amazingly patient and calm voice to the boisterous board.

Area-wide Business: Hal!  He's on vacation and we should let him rest.  However - don't forget to congratulate our never-without-energy Downtown Booster!

Area-wide ACE: Shane...2 more years of endless artist requests for money coming to the Arts Committee.  People - That's Not All They Do!

Area-wide ACE Professional Artist: I told people to vote for Adam.  But, Adam didn't vote for himself.  So, DLANC will have Brady for another 2 years.  This time however - please don't make him a VP...he needs a break from this.

Area-wide - Private Workforce: Ashley Zarella not only voted for herself but got 23 people to vote for her too.  Take that you posers!

Area-wide - Public: Gunnar Hand so far is stomping on Sylvia...maybe as the votes continue to come in we'll see this race get closer.

Area-wide - Homeless: Henry Proctor - Congrats!  You already have more votes than what the guy before you had.  Please be a presence!

Area-wide - Social Service Provider: My pick was Antoinette and well...she's still in the race.  Wendell Blassingame is up there with 44 votes.

Finally the "at-large" At-Large.    This is an interesting race.  I was relieved to see that Mr. Wong's numbers weren't as large as I feared.  This is the guy who kept emailing me proposal after proposal to fund his work...and never showed up at a meeting to move any of it forward.  The neighborhood councils should be on the look out for this guy - intentional or not, this guy just screams out SCAM to me.

The race looks to be between Don Garza and Alex Cha.  Given Don's outburst regarding how I handled outreach during the election, and all the people who dropped multiple things to help Don get elected - this is truly his race to lose.  Don has name recognition, he's well known in the community...however it may be his attitude and tendency for unruly outbursts that keep him in the permanent alternate spot.  Will Don Garza be downtown's Howard Dean of 2004?  Don will be the only person who can answer this.  

If the votes keep coming in like they have  - Alex Cha will be the first at-Large At-Large Director.

And, that's my first take on the early results from the DLANC election of 2008.  Not all the votes are in, and everything is bound to change...hopefully all those zero votes will start to pick up.

My picks for DLANC Election

I only commented on the contested elections:


Ginny-Marie Case ginnycase Workforce, Public Sector: Gunnar Hand
Icon_star_empty Icon_trash
Ginny-Marie Case ginnycase Social Service Provider: Antoinette Falice. Not supporting Victor Moller - would prefer their current ED serve.
Icon_star_empty Icon_trash
Ginny-Marie Case ginnycase Resident South Park: Scott Bytof
Icon_star_empty Icon_trash
Ginny-Marie Case ginnycase Resident Historic Downtown (My current seat): Dwight Johnson
Icon_star_empty Icon_trash
Ginny-Marie Case ginnycase Resident Civic Center: Daniel Swartz
Icon_star_empty Icon_trash
Ginny-Marie Case ginnycase Resident: City West: Jerard Wright
Icon_star_empty Icon_trash
Ginny-Marie Case ginnycase Central City East Resident: General Jeff
Icon_star_empty Icon_trash
Ginny-Marie Case ginnycase Resident: Bunker Hill: Kenneth Chiu
Icon_star_empty Icon_trash
Ginny-Marie Case ginnycase Resident: Area-wide Artist: Dawna Nolan
Icon_star_empty Icon_trash
Ginny-Marie Case ginnycase Business: South Park: Michael Pfeiffer
Icon_star_empty Icon_trash
Ginny-Marie Case ginnycase Business: Historic Downtown: Delaphine Carlisle
Icon_star_empty Icon_trash
Ginny-Marie Case ginnycase Business: Fashion District: Brandon Coburn
Icon_star_empty Icon_trash
Ginny-Marie Case ginnycase Business: Downtown Center: Jon Toktas
Icon_star_empty Icon_trash
Ginny-Marie Case ginnycase Area Wide Business: Hal!
Icon_star_empty Icon_trash
Ginny-Marie Case ginnycase Arts, Cultural and Educational Interests: Adam Grant - although this morning he said that he only wanted to be an active observer
Icon_star_empty Icon_trash
Ginny-Marie Case ginnycase Arts, Cultural and Educational Interests: Shane Guffogg
Icon_star_empty Icon_trash
Ginny-Marie Case ginnycase John Glover for At-Large Resident...even though his cell phone number is a 661 area code. :-)