Today's Quick Bits

  1. I woke up at 4:30 this morning and could not get back to sleep. Meanwhile this growing little mass of a girl inside me is kicking like no one's business.

  2. The DLANC election is coming up. You still need to register to vote, and you still need to consider becoming a candidate.

  3. I'm tired, and it's hot. But, it's nice outside.

  4. If you didn't get a mailer from the City Clerk's office regarding the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council election, you can pick up the stuff here.

  5. Thanks to Jim Winstead for getting the materials up on his website.

  6. I had a great lunch with Mariana yesterday. W00t!

  7. Day Care is hard to find in Downtown. I'm terrified. But, being terrified seems to be a "situation normal" feeling lately.

1 comment:

gourmet said...

...I know you're really why don't ya limme roast ya uP some oh so tasty premium connoisseur peaberry coffee...your taste buds will thank you...and the UPS man will deliver...

gourmet coffee snob
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