Planning and planning and some more planning

If you know what I do, you are probably asking yourself - is she talking about work or home?

Both. :-)

Project work is going well. Everyone knows about what I'm working on, so there's no need for me to go over it here. But, you can by visiting here and here

On the home front, Alex and I are in the midst of a crash course in baby-place-making. Strollers, high chairs, cribs (not the kind that Xzibit talks about). We received our first two bags of baby clothes from Erin (by way of Lindsey, who happens to be getting married this weekend).

We spent most of Monday evening going through the bags, trying to tell the difference in the sizes, and giggling over the swim suits.

I think Pacific Electric is in for a big change. I know there is a growing number of 30 somethings living in downtown. There are at least three sets of parents who live on our floor, and I know there are more kids in our building than we may lead on. I say take out one of the big beds on the roof and trade it for a little play toy. It will be a matter of time when the kids and parents take over the roof of our building.

Right now the roof is overrun with 20-somethings enjoying their summer BBQs, inviting 20 of their 20-something friends. It's not as bad as the 1100 Wilshire rumors, or what is planned for Canvas. But, I'm looking forward to taking Iolani up to the pool to splash around. And, I'm sure Alex is looking forward to using the BBQ.

Ya, we've lived there since 2005. I've been up to the pool a handful of times. I've used the BBQ more. Right now, I don't feel welcomed up there.

Enjoy it now kiddos. Come next summer, it will probably be a little different.

Got a doctor appt this afternoon. Church construction meeting tonight. And, I need to update the DLANC website....badly.

My bad.

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