Hitting Gnome Say What?

One day last week Alex was catching up on some very important issues - the Dodger's offense. LOB for these guys - and we ain't talking golf. We are talking about the Boys in Blue leaving their friends stranded on base, unable to score.

Alex came across an article about Brad Penny and Russell Martin and the introduction of the hitting gnome. Essentially, Brad saw that the Dodger website selling these gnomes, Russell Martin posted a printout of it with a note to "Hitting Gnome. Rub Me Here for Hits".

Alex figured they needed help, so he purchased the hitting gnome, and had it delivered to Russell Martin.

Last night we were watching the game, Alex saw a screen shot online.

But, as soon as we found it online, we saw the television camera zoom in on the gnome from Friday's hellish game. Delwyn Young had his hat sitting on it. At some point, Young picked up his hat, and in some fit of frustration knocked over the gnome.

I gasped and had to console Alex.

Alex is okay now, and feels exceedingly grateful that the hitting gnome is helping out.

However - I think having DeWitt in the line up may be having more of an impact than the gnome.

I'll side with Alex for the sake of peace in the home.

And, then I found out that he purchased the url "hittinggnome.com" and redirected it here.

Believe in the Gnome.

**UPDATE: Alex just texted me to let me know that Joe "You Dirty Boy Get a Haircut" Beimel purchased the gnome for Russell Martin. Oh well... I still think what Alex did was very cool.

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