Worst. Cold. Ever.

Yes. I've been down all week. Today is the first day since Saturday that I've felt half human. Saturday I woke up with a funky cough and scratchy throat. Sunday...I'll pass on describing Sunday. Monday and Tuesday are a blur - I slept through most of it. I spent Wednesday at Metro, probably exposing 100's of people to what I have. Thursday, congested congested congested. And, today I have a runny nose, a "chunky" cough, and I just feel gross.

I feel bad because 1) I practically missed a whole week of work; 2) I missed ArtWalk; 3) and most importantly I'm going to miss Lindsey's Bachelorette party that Alex has worked very hard to put together.

It sucks.

I'm going back to SimCity now.


mark said...

yeah I hear you...I'm in the middle of that funky shite...it's weird because it's with a nagging temp that comes and goes....need rest I guess argh...

Ginny-Marie said...

LOL! Who knew? I was four months pregnant at that time?