DLANC Election Day: June 12

Just got back home from DONE's Regional Election Day election. It was the most peaceful meeting I've been to in quite some time. I got a chance to see the draft materials of the two mailings the Clerk's office will complete, and the voter and candidate registration. This is going to be fun!

As a reminder, when I say Neighborhood Council stuff, I mean the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council. I am an elected boardmember, representing the Historic Core residents. I do other stuff too, but I like to represent my neighborhood first.

The Neighborhood Council represents residents (with and without roofs on a regular basis), business owners, artists, government worker bees, and private worker bees. And, this year there's a new seat (Like we needed any more): An At-Large seat. So if you just come down to party on Saturday night, prefer to sell your hits at 5th/Spring, like our Ralph's more than your Glendale Blvd Ralph's...you can declare yourself a stakeholder - you could run for that seat. But, I'll tell you right now - if your claim to the neighborhood is that you are a the hit dealer - I'm really not going to vote for you. And, I'm going to tell my friends not to vote for you either. Half joking, but mostly serious - I'll make my first campaign promise: I will not vote to support drug peddlers. Pretty easy promise to keep.

All the seats are up for grabs. It is entirely possible that our current council could and not a single incumbent win. The odds of that happening are slim, but possible. If you've been following DLANC activities, or you are looking for a way to get more involved, now is a great time.

I've lived downtown since 2004, some say it's a long time, but I agree with all the people who say that I'm a newbie in town. Don't let that determine your potential candidacy. Most of the people who are in downtown are new. The other half have lived here long enough to know who's new and who's not. And, I would say that for the most part, the long-time downtowners have been more accepting of me than anyone was on the westside for the 4 years I lived there.

If you've been thinking about a run for the Neighborhood Council, I'd say go for it. Contested elections are good for the neighborhood. Have a reason for running. Maybe you live in South Park, and you are all over getting a park... City West - protecting threatened tenants... Bunker Hill...I don't know what they worry about, but I'm sure it's something.

Historic Core...we worry about what filming will bring next, and how the street car will work on Broadway.

And, I know we all worry about bringing more transit options to downtown, when our Trader Joes is coming to town, and when Ichiro is coming to the Dodgers. (which apparently isn't any time soon)

Here's the quick and dirty:

1) The Clerk's office will conduct an initial mailing to all of the postal addresses in our Neighborhood Council (NC). This will include post office boxes, business and residential postal addresses. (This leaves DLANC the responsibility for outreach specifically to the homeless community, but I'm sure the Clerk's office and DONE can assist in providing direction)

The topic of the mailer will be to announce the election, define voter and candidacy requirements, and provide detail on how to get more information. You'll be able to also register to vote by mail.

2) The second mailer will include more specific information about who is a registered candidate.

The next round of mailers would be to those who registered to vote by mail.

Finally, June 12 will be election day. It's a Thursday, and it is the night of ArtWalk. So, all you imbibing ArtWalkers should either register to vote by mail or vote early before you hit up too many galleries for their wine. (But, of course the people who read my blog are art BUYERS and not MOOCHERS)

So, that's it for tonight. I have a headache, and I need to make dinner.

WAIT! One more thing!!

My youngest brother Markie (Or Mark as he started going by as soon as he hit his teenage years...pure coincidence I'm sure...) got news he has been awarded his Eagle Scout award. Congratulations Markie! Good job on lots of hard work.

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