Quimby - another long four letter word


Quick story - I knew a guy growing up, and his last name was Quimby. Although I was a teenager, I thought that he was a pima....and I thought I was the only one who thought that way. He was against raising property taxes, checking septic systems, on and on...a great libertarian.

And, while there's this great libertarian streak in me, I'm more of the liberal-libertarian... So, when I started writing letters to the editor of the local paper, imagine my surprise when people started to also write letters supporting what I was saying.

In any case, the Quimby issue has been one of the uniting topics in downtown. Say quimby to any residents and they roll their eyes. It's almost tagging someone "it" and running away. No one wants to be "it" right now.

In any case - the link to Anna Scott's article in the Downtown News, isn't up yet. But, once it is, I'll update the post.

But, Laura Chick's report is up. And, you can download it here.

Happy reading....

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