Funny things happen

A couple of months ago my dad told me that the Girl Scouts were looking for me. I was in scouts for all 12 years of school, loved almost every minute of it. Went to summer camp, worked at summer camp, and occasionally day dream about sitting on the docks in the nice summer sun...

Anyways, I sent them a letter, letting them know what I was up to, and what I've been doing all these years. (At 31, I have to admit...I don't want to think I've done much...but that's not what I hear). The next thing I get is an email asking me for permission to use the letter, and to send along pictures of me in my uniform.

It was rough to find a picture. I have a lot of pictures of trees, snails, and t-ball uniforms, and tea parties. But, I couldn't find just one picture of me in a brown, green, or blue uniform. Until Saturday night....

I was going through a box of Mommo's stuff, and there it was:

Not embarrassed by it. The old woman is Mommo. The blond is my sister. And, that thing in a brown uniform...that's me. Probably trying to sell cookies to my aunts and uncles.

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