Not a Kotkin-ite, but I've met the guy

I love to tell people that I had Joel Kotkin as a professor at Pepperdine*. It was an interesting class, we read mostly his books. There were three of us (I think there weren't that many) in the class, and the topics were very close to what he continues to write about today.

The thing that cracks me up, is that I know live downtown in a loft. Seemingly the one thing Professor Kotkin says is a dying trend...or at least a risky one at that.

If I ran into him again, I wonder if 1) he'd remember me (I like to think I'm unforgettable, but...); 2) he'd be willing to engage in that conversation about downtown/urban renassaince; 3) we could have that conversation about how the nerdistand is holding up during the morgage and credit crunch.

*And, just to wrap this all's true. I went to an enjoyable lefty undergrad, and now you see I went to an enjoyable righty graduate program. Which - obviously partly accounts for my very interesting social and political views. (Hence the previous post about the GP Presidential Debate)

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