National Parks in the middle of the city?

On my drive home I've been passing these signs that include the web address Islands of LA

It's taken me a couple of round trips to actually pull up the website, but now I see - and I'm happy!

Islands around LA serve as traffic barriers, rest areas, provide shade, and oh yea...provide a great location for produce sales. (And, bottled water sales in the summer)

This is the Island that I pass:

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Scott said...

Most of these medians were formerly rights-of-way for streetcars, either the Red Cars (Pacific Electric) or the Yellow Cars (Los Angeles Railway).

Burton Way in B.H.: PE Beverly Hills short line.

Glendale Blvd: P.E. Glendale/Burbank line.

Echo Park Blvd.: Los Angeles Railway H Line that went all the way up to Colorado Blvd.

Etc. There are many more ones you would recognize, like the triangular traffic island at the corner of Hollywood blvd. and La Brea, where the statues depicting famous actresses stand today.