The Cruise

Alex took me on a cruise this weekend. We left Friday morning and got home this afternoon. It was on Carnival...and we took it for two reasons: 1) Noisy Neighbor was set for a big party on Saturday; 2) We heard "things" about Carnival and wanted to see if it was true.

**Enter Snobby Ginny**

These "things" about Carnival focus on the bad sterotypes of Mid-westerners (or Inland Empire Residents), drunken college students, large families, and very old people.

I didn't like the food, or the food options. The boat was cold (yes, it was cold outside, but seriously), the room was cold, the spa was barely warm.

The spa staff rocked. However, the steam room had steamed oatmeal (or something that resembled oatmeal) on the seats. Once that was cleaned, then someone had to start the steam room, which took a while. The sauna was working...

On Friday Alex saw these kids wearing t-shirts that said "Social Justice Weekend".... After slowly and painfully explaining it had nothing to do with true "Social Justice" but rather Justice for their Social activities for the weekend. So, the front had their nicknames on the front of the shirt: Sarge, Geek, Desperate, and more.... College students are more resourceful than ever (But, I think they have more financial resources too).

During the second day of the cruise, most of the people got off the boat to go visit Ensenada. We stayed on the boat to enjoy the spa, maybe the pool, and some over all peace and quiet. People had to be back on the boat by 5:30 p.m. So - at 5 p.m. there was a slow and steady stream of drunken tourists made their way back to the boat. Everywhere I turned it seemed like someone was getting off the elevator at the wrong floor, and stumbling to get back in.

In the buffet area, the drunken people were living it up on their Bud Light, and pizza buffet. Cracked me up.

But, the topper for the weekened in the sense of things that just aren't right....
We were getting ready to get off the boat, and a multi-generational family was right in front of us. A woman pushing a stroller. It was the SUV-type stroller that had everything on it...cup holder for Mom, bottle holder for the little boy. The little boy was playing with items his mom had given bottle caps. YES BEER BOTTLE CAPS, and the kid was playing with them like they were the coolest thing since sliced bread.

The irony, there was another family, with a little boy about the same size...not in a stroller...but very low key, just looking at the whole world passing by.

So, I'm off to the Dramastage-Qumran Theater. Don't be late! I don't know if I'll make the whole show... I'm kind of tired.

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