Can I laugh at myself yet?

Can I just preface this blog entry by noting that I'm very tired. I'm 43 minutes into my bedtime, and I just finished a very interesting email. I'm sure I'll spill the beans so - but until then - you all can just live in suspense.

Whatever - not a big deal.

In any case, I have to tell you that over the weekend Alex and I headed up to Dodger Stadium to see if there were any new seats that we would like to have for the season. I didn't think I would want to change seats, but it's that time of year when I really miss baseball.

I don't like basketball, football, soccer, tennis, ice skating.... Okay, I do like the X Games, but that's only because of the increased likelihood of a massive crash that breaks 10 bones in one's body.

I like baseball. I like the pace of the game, the pickle...oh wait - I already had this conversation with you.

I think I've also had the "I'm so conflicted about a Yankee coaching our team" conversation too. Have I had the "are you looooooonelyyyyyyyyyyy for Loney" talk yet? No - I didn't think so.

I'll record it one day and post it here.

You know what I like about baseball - it's truely a team sport. Yes, the pitcher does a lot of the work, but if Pitcher's having an off day, he's got 7 other guys backing him up...and that's just ON THE FIELD! Off the field, sure there's youngsters gunning for his spot on the roster, but at the end of the day, they are all working towards getting that win. They are all looking to stop the double play, they are all looking for the bunt opportunity to advance the baserunner.

And, that's how I work. It's no secret - Green Party, Neighborhood Council...I'm not looking for an individual win, I'm looking for the Team win. We want a park, we want world peace...I think these are both achievable things. Okay...some pictures and then I go to bed. I've got things to do tomorrow... You do too!

OMG - I'm so tired.

View from our seats, during a game:

View from Loge:

And, the view from the dugout - WOW it's overwhelming

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Ginny-Marie said...

I was tired when I wrote the post. Thanks to Lincoln for catching a horrible misspelling.