I'm Number 14 who's the rest

The Shorty Awards are ON!

The Shorty Awards are for the world's top Twitters and I feel that I should win one. If for any other reason the last award I got was for minigolf during an office party.

So, who's the competition?

Coming in at #13: @artmaker must play WOW. I'm better.

#12: @jimpish needs a job?

#11: @egspoony has a website. Mine is better.

#10: @jamesmb is a tech writer. Poor guy must spend his time writing instructions on how to use your Palm Pilot.

#9: @clutterdiet got nominated by people who can't keep themselves clean. People who follow me bathe regularly. (So, people who follow me are naturally better people)

#8: @juliaallison gets enough attention because she's hot.

#7: @Michske was nominated because he's an "awesome" guy. Whatever...I'm better.

#6: @brilliantjeni has people nominating her because she lives a party life in Cabo. Well...I have a party life too! You know...I spilled bleach on a brand new t-shirt today...wooo-weee. But also - she gives tips on how to increase your Twitter traffic. Not once did she mention: "provide intimate details about delivery of your child."

#5: @huasonic has people nominating him for no particular reason. He's got a bunch of people nominating him just "because..." CHEATERS!

#4: @AriBurton is nominated 38 times because he puts up pictures. Hey - I use pictures sometimes too - but all his postings are TwitPics.

#3: @sugarjones was nominated because she is apparently a Jesus Freak. WTF?

#2: @mcawilliams has 114 nominations for nothing in particular. All his nominations say that they voted for him because they don't want the blond chick to win.

#1: @alohaarleen has 117 votes. People are voting for her because she lives in Hawaii and everyone thinks that if she wins they can stay at her house. Guess what people - She won't let you crash on your couch.

There...I need at least 100 twitter votes before the end of the year. So, tell all your Twitter friends to Twitter for me! Do you have a twitter account?

This is how you do it:

Visit: http://shortyawards.com and use the nomination screen.


From twitter.com and enter the string: @shortyawards I nominate @ginnycase for a Shorty Award in #personal because ginny tweeted during Iolani's birth!

If I win the shorty I'll go ahead and post the short MP4 that Alex unwittingly took of the doctors pulling Iolani out of my belly. It's gross, but all you see is my belly and a child being yanked out. It's kind of cool in a gross kind of way.

I want to win a shorty!

I don't want for a lot, but I want to win this! http://shortyawards.com/

In order to win, I need about 100 people to tweet this:

@shortyawards I nominate @ginnycase for a Shorty Award in #personal she twittered Iolani's birth.

You need to have a twitter account to be able to do this.

Is it really the end of 2008?

It has been an amazing year, and I’m sure I’m not the only one to feel like we’ve lived two or three years in just the last couple of months.

It used to be that I’d sit down during the break between Christmas and New Years and hammer out a “what I did this year” letter to family and friends. And, while I don’t have the luxury of using 6 days to write, I do have 3 evenings of 30 minutes available, so let’s see what I can do.

To sum it all up, Alex and I had a baby, the Dodgers got Manny Ramirez for free, and I totally called Blake DeWitt! Yes – I did! Knock on wood – work was pretty successful. Metro easily proved heading into the internet world is something that can be embraced. And, who could forget the impact of Twitter?

In looking back through blog entries I realized that I use my blog for one of three things: ranting about neighbors, inviting you to community meetings, and going on and on about the Dodgers.

January started with a continuation of “Art the Ass” our ass of a neighbor who was the ultimatum we needed to leave Pacific Electric Lofts. Art finally “moved out” during the summer. Art is a perfect example of why the economy is in the crapper. He drove a big brand-new BMW, his girlfriend threw wild parties when he wasn’t around, you could smell his cologne from the hallway. Ultimately the parking attendant saw his car get repossessed, and everyone on our floor saw his eviction notice, along with the note that showed he hadn’t paid rent recently. Moral of that story: live within your means. The End.

February was a difficult month for our church. Long time member Magdelena Sabado passed away. A tiny Filipina with a heart 5 or 6 times her size. She was one of those women who just doesn’t pass away, and it still feels like she’s around somewhere.

Downtown was buzzing in February and it wasn’t because of the wine at Artwalk. First, there was the community update meetings for Regional Connector. The Downtown community got their first glimpse into the refined alternatives. It created an abundance of online chatter. BlogDowntown, Angelenic, LAist, and LAStreetsBlog all got in on the action.

Then, came along the Quimby revelation that millions of dollars was sitting around for use by Downtown for recreational uses. Not for those kinds of recreational uses, but for securing new park space, equipment, and more.

February was also the month I had a terrible cold. I was down for a whole week. It was horrible. It was some kind of combination of flu, cold, and allergies. I went to the doctor, and he told me so! But, funny thing…Doctor and I both missed a couple of symptoms.

March – I started to get letters from people that had gone to high school with my mom. Four in all, recounted those high school stories we all have. Things I knew: she was a horrible driver and that she smoked cigarettes. Things I didn’t know: She was a “sigher” – one who sighs when others make statements of no value. I’m a sigher, and I always wondered where I got it from. She was also an “eye roller”

I also caught ANOTHER cold in March. I was again, down for a couple of days. Went to the doctor, and was just told it was the common cold. I was so sick I missed Lindsey’s bachelorette party. The party was held at a bar with vodka flowing freely through the night. Good thing I didn’t go.

March also brought the DLANC election the forefront. With changes in the election process, and a reinvigorated Central City East community (AKA Skid Row) I knew the election was going to be very exciting. Ever seat was up for election – even mine.

April, April, April. April is like a whole year unto itself. I was trying to get the DLANC election procedures in order, line up a slate for the council, work was gearing up for another round of community meetings, and a co-worker was about to head out on family leave. And, Alex and I discovered we were going to have a baby in August! Thankfully at the end of August.

Just looking at the posting of our announcement still makes my eyes water up. I remember coming home from work that night in shock, and all I could think about was “where are we going to put the crib?”

Also, this was the month that Alex purchased a hitting gnome and sent it to Russell Martin (My favorite Dodger). One night we were watching the game and there it was…the gnome was set up right behind Russell Martin. It was awesome!

It didn’t take us very long to find out we were having a little girl. Some people have to wait months and months to find out. We waited two weeks. ☺ Everyone remembers me saying that she’s not wearing pink. (Yes – today she’s wearing pink, but she looks really good in purple)

Our good friends John and Lindsey were married in May. I even wore a dress. It was great to be a part of such a large wedding, and it gave Alex and I the idea that maybe we should be more aggressive in planning our own. (We became engaged last September)

May also brought DLANC controversy. The voter registration forms were delivered via bulk postal mail. And, lessons learned through our 4 years downtown – bulk mail delivery is not effective downtown. Not At All. And, it’s even less effective in Central City East – also known as Skid Row. Thank goodness for Don Garza, Russell Brown, and General Jeff for getting out there and coordinating additional deliveries of voter registration forms.

June brought the final straw. I was sitting at the dining table one afternoon working. Art the Ass was also home, not working but listening to his house club music. Art’s music seemed like the same song playing over and over again, with the same bump-bump beat. On this particular afternoon our adjoining wall finally gave in to Art’s music. We lost a picture off the wall.

I think this was the month we went on our Babymoon. We took a train trip up to Tacoma. The trip was the train. Tacoma was just our layover. It was a secret trip, we didn’t tell any family.

July! My birthday month. Alex bought us tickets to sit THIS CLOSE to the field. We lost the game, but Joe was tossed from the game, Casey Blake got tossed from the game, and I thought for sure I’d see a fight. Ahhh…I love baseball!

There was also a small earthquake in July. At first I thought it was just me walking around bumping things. It was really an earthquake.

Before the earthquake and baseball game, Alex and I first had to move. We moved to SB Manhattan, and yes…I was about 8 months pregnant. And, I’ll say this now…I moved a lot of heavy things. Every time I turned around someone one was telling me “Don’t lift this” or “Don’t lift that” Screw that – we needed to move. And, as far as I can tell – Iolani is just fine.

Finally – I saw Jason Burns twitter the birth of his little girl. It was here that I got the wild and crazy idea that I could use twitter to tell my youngest brother how I was doing once I went into labor with Iolani.

August was a busy month. Given all the exercise during the move I was convinced Iolani was going to come early. We held the Baby Warming on the 3rd and over 90 people came over to the house through the afternoon. I was tired at the end of the day, but it was a great time. And, oh my god…I was all baby.

We found out that yes, I was big and all baby. There was a little water in there, but it was mostly baby. August 13th was about the time the Doctor told me that working in the office was at it’s end. I couldn’t fit behind the steering wheel of the car, contractions were getting stronger, and I was getting really cranky.

So, that ended that. While at home I worked from the bed and walked and walked and walked. I was bored with walking, I was bored of waiting, and I was physically ready to have Iolani.

Thankfully she arrived right on her due date. Hats off to Dr. Peter Park, known also as the “Lone Ranger” by the nurses. With his humor and patience, I can safely say that this year’s catch phrase and theme belongs to him. After our first appointment with him he said – “You are both very lucky, very lucky, very lucky that your baby is very healthy.

Very Lucky.

After some fun and games at the hospital we hunkered down for the emergency c-section. Iolani was born during the last moments of the 27th. A couple of days later we headed home. About 6 weeks later Alex and I headed back to work.

Enter Rosi! Rosi “manages” Iolani during the day. There’s the coordination of diaper changes and bottle feedings. There’s the implementation of a daily schedule, which includes bath time, tummy time, and burp time. Additionally, Rosi is in charge of fussy time. She is an amazing woman, and I know when I leave for my work day, Iolani is well cared for and loved. There is no lack of love in Iolani’s life. ☺

We spent September and October in a haze of diapers and bottles. I also upgraded our cable so that we could watch the dodger games from home. Watching the Dodgers enter into post season play from home was great.

However – it was even better to show up to the stadium with our 3 week old daughter to watch the game from some very good seats. I spent the game watching for foul balls and feeding the baby. It was the first time I’d been to a baseball game and unable to concentrate on the game.

November – Phillies won – whoop-dee-doo. Try again next year. The Mariners (the original home team) began to retool, and the Dodgers spent a couple of days wondering what happened. Meanwhile, one more round of Westside Extension and Regional Connector meetings helped me to come to face the fact – I was a working mother.

We attended our second wedding of the year. Some 20 years in the making, I’d never seen such a large group of people so excited and giddy!

We finally got a new president, but then California turned around and passed prop 8. I spent a couple of days in a weird funk trying to reconcile my joy for no more Bush and at the same time wondering why Californians didn’t want more people to enjoy the institution of marriage. I still don’t get it.

Iolani has gracefully hit all her milestones, seen all the neighborhoods, is a pro on the transit system. She is a gracious listener as we read the Economist, the Three Little Pigs, and Good Night Moon.

There are still days that I’m surprised that I’m a mom and that Alex is a dad. But, when you look at our little girl you can easily tell she belongs to Alex. (I bet she gets my temperament and desire for handbags)

Our involvement in our neighborhood has a renewed sense of urgency. We have made a lot of new friends this year, and have reconnected with several old friends. For 2009, we will see a little girl start walking and talking. Work projects will get busy again, and maybe Manny will be back with the Dodgers?

She’s a whole new component to our life that we didn’t consider would actually happen. She’s been a great roommate, and we have high hopes she will be able to contribute to rent soon.

So, again – 2009…Iolani will take her first cruise, overnight train trip, and see some family up in Washington (not until the Spring). We will see what happens with the Dodgers, but first – the World Baseball Classic!

Thanks for reading the blog this year! Hopefully it’s been entertaining. So, raise your coffee cups, water glasses, and soda cans to 2009. Let’s hope for economic recovery, victory at the World Baseball Classic, and the return of Lost. Finally.

Rehashing the Twitter Birth - Again

Someone passed me a link this afternoon that allows a Twitter user to search for people who have referenced their screen name.  And, because I'm curious I had to look up to see what people were saying while I was giving birth to Iolani.

So much of it was disbelief that it was happening via Twitter. The majority of people were like "You Go" and a small number of people wondered how graphic I would get. 

For those who wondered why I didn't twitter that often: Alex would take my phone away from me every once in a while because he knew...HE KNEW (!!!) I would check email.  And, if you check back through my gmail account you will see yes - I emailed while in labor.

Even better...I was on facebook!  I was having a discussion about some transit thing with Ryan and Dennis.  

Then the iPhone started to run out of battery power and I knew Alex would frown on me plugging it in just so that I could keep twittering, facebooking, and checking email.  He just wanted me to be quiet and relax.  However, just sitting there waiting for something to happen was a bit nerve wracking for me.  

Since her birth, I've been asked a couple of times to post a follow up, which I've done:

However - I had no idea what kind of buzz it created.  It was fun...I'd recommend it...because now I have a virtural scrapebook of delivery.

LA Live

I got home from work and Alex says "quick, feed the baby, we are going out to dinner"

I fed the baby, got her in her stroller...she made a noise...so I had to take her out of the stroller, do a little wardrobe change, and then back into the stroller. Then, off we went.

Alex had prepared for us to take the DASH after dark...but it only runs on the weekends and holidays

So, we walked all the way to LA Live. It's not that far.

I read Don's post about LA Live, and given I wasn't dressed for "going out" I was a little concerned that we might have a little trouble getting seated.

We ate at the ESPN zone. We were seated at the table reserved for wheelchairs, which was okay...except Iolani's stroller get getting bumped. It was unfortunate. The stroller stuck out, but they sat us there.

This wasn't the best place to take a sleeping baby. And, I can imagine that in the coming months this won't be a place we can go with her. I didn't really like the idea that her stroller was situated facing the television. When she did open her eyes she stared at the TV rather than looking at me. What I jealous...oh yes. Concerned....oh yes.

The menu was simple. LA Blu Cafe is cheaper. I had the cheeseburger - it was very salty. The unsweetened Ice tea - was sugary sweet. It was gross. The Tollhouse Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich was a let down...the cookie wasn't heated up.

I'll enjoy watching some baseball games there. But, it was no Hamburger Hamlet.

Some pictures!

The Tree and screen...

One of the guys preparing for tomorrow's show took our picture.

I'm a little tired, but I did enjoy the night out.  It was nice to see after all (And I mean ALL) the construction a great finished product.

We will be back on friday to see us some Keb' Mo'

Prop 8 The Musical!

See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die

3 months in and this is what works/doesn't work

As you may know - Alex and I had a baby girl in late August. Iolani is now able to hold her head up, smile, laugh, and announce to the building that she is awake from her nap.

In true Downtown fashion - she hasn't missed an Artwalk, we buy most of our stuff in the neighborhood.  And, in true LA fashion - she's made her Grove debut, strolled Nordstrom, and she has sunglasses.

It's not all about where's she's been.  It's also about how she's fitting in with her other two roommates and her new downtown apartment.

When you live in 700 Square feet with a baby there are different rules.  So, here it is...

The Ten Things Downtown Lofting Babies Do Not Need:
10. Themed Nursery
Already you know that you don't get a whole room for the baby.  Actually - your entire home now belongs to the baby, and you just pay the rent.  Did you want powder blue or frilly pink walls?  Did you want those in your living room or next to your closet?

9. Bottle Warmer
Only because - where the hell are you going to put it?

8. Bassinet and Crib
We got a travel bed and put it inside the crib. 

7. Monster Stroller Set
Again, where are you going to store it?  Well, you could use it for your crib.  Orbit has a bassinet attachment.

6. Baby Dresser
One more dresser in the house? Na - use a bookshelf.

5. Indoor Playground
There's the big playground sets, and then there's the system that has just what you need. 

4. Disposable Diapers
Just what your 500 square foot unit needs, a dirty diaper pail.  Gdiapers: Flush it!

3. Baby Gate
How many of us have multiple stories in our places?

2. Changing Table
Where does it go?  Not in my house!  The Ikea changing pad fits in the crib.  If you place the changing pad in the crib, you can walk away if needed. Perfect for the absentminded (or sleep deprived) parent.

1. Baby Monitor
The baby is right there!

The Top Ten Things We Can't Live Without
10. Playmat
It's great!  She would spend hours there if she wanted.

9. 702 Bus
The bus line between our house and Lolo and Lola!

8. Ensenada
The Mexican restaurant  right up the street.

7. Netflix
They have Baby Einstein videos

6. Ergo
Carry the baby - bar free!

5. Bath lounge chair
You don't have five arms, kids are slicker than their drool.  You'll want this one.

4. Washer/Dryer in your loft
Because the novelty of doing laundry after a massive spit up is lost on your neighbors.

3. Formula container
This thing is awesome!  Because measuring formula at 2 a.m. (or 2 p.m. if you continue to not get enough sleep) is too difficult.

2. Orbit Stroller
I can't say enough good things about this stroller/carseat combo. It is safe, looks good in the car, and fits our spur of the moment lifestyle very well.  The price tag will scare most people off, but since you aren't buying half the crap most people will purchase, spend a little  extra money on the stroller and get something that you will truely use.

1. Iolani
She's a little over 13 pounds as of today.  She splashes in her tub.  Rides free on Metro.  If that's not perfection, then I don't know what is.

Honorable mention: Valet Parking!

Long Lost Grunge

Thanks to Beatle I have a long obsession of trying to replace a tape. Inflatable Soule. Once the tape player went out with the Festiva -I lost track of my Inflatable Soule tape. When I think I've found the end of the internet I turn to looking for MP3 of the lone album they put out.

This is all I get today.

And this...


Man...if you have a MP3 you'd email me - I'll take anything.

Weren't we here before?

I was just thinking about Prop 8 and how some of the arguments are reminiscent of what the Anti-war movement heard in 2001, and what the majority of voters felt in 2000.

I've read a couple of times today that "Prop 8 passed, deal with it, wait for the next election" and that obviously just doesn't sit well with me. 

In 2000, the Left was told - "the Electoral College wins, Bush is the President, deal with it - work harder to elect someone else in 2004"

In 2001, when Bush took us to war - again, "Deal With It" was what we were told.  

2004 came, we worked hard and still the Left was told to "Deal With It"

Here comes 2008, we finally get someone good in the White House, and now we have to "Deal With It" again - but this time, it's not a person - it's the idea that equal protection under the law only means equal protection for some, but not all.

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of being told to "Deal With It"

Another gathering for No on 8

You and your family is invited!

What: Gathering for No on 8
Bring the family, including the kids and pets!

When: Tomorrow: Saturday, November 7, 2008, from 3 to 6 p.m.

Where: The corner of Olympic and Flower!

This is the parking lot of the First United Methodist Church of Los Angeles.  We can meet up under our No on 8 sign.

Bring your sign!

One hour to go...

The polls close at 8.  I hope my wishes come true!

Green Party Candidates

Are located here.

Greens Live Blogging

I'm attempting to live blog through the night - but Iolani takes priority.

JIC: here's someone who is: Phil!

Why on earth?

Why on earth are people voting for him?  Cynthia is our candidate.

In any case, she's doing well.

Home from Voting

How anti-climatic.

There wasn't a line.  The only drama was a yellow-sweatered woman who didn't know which address she would be listed under (both were two new to residential buildings) who wasn't interested in providing any additional information.  She stormed out and down the street.

You know I would have worked just a little bit harder to be able to vote.

Election night 2008

Ahh, it's almost done. 

The last of the campaign advertising, pampleting, and door knocking is here.

The campaign interns are starting to plan election night parties.

And, the rest of us are looking forward to spending our money on holiday gifts and not campaign contributions.

The three of us are going to spend election night here at the house.  Alex might join me in blogging, and I've volunteered to live blog for greenchange.org.

I'll be watching for a couple of things:

Measure R: R is for Rail...and for God's sake people, LA needs more Rail.  Yes.

Prop 1a - the high speed bond.  I'm voting Yes! You all know I love the train and am ready to swear off the airport.

Prop 2 - Treatment of Farm Animals.  I don't know how I'm going to vote on this one.  I don't necessarily agree with GPCA's recommendations.

Prop 3 - Childrens Hospital Bond.  All bonds, except for Barry Bonds are fine with me.  Bonds for kids...fine.

Prop 4 - No.  If my daughter has decided to take responsibility for her own reproductive choices, then at least I know she will be able to exercise them safely.

Prop 5 - Yes.  Alternatives to incarceration  for nonviolent drug offenses - like Drug Treatment sounds like a good idea.

Prop 6 - No.  If he couldn't get his colleagues to agree with him, what makes him think it's still a good idea?  And, the additional kicker is that a republican is proposing a program that costs Billions of dollars. 

Prop 7 - No.  Crazy kids, this is why we need tougher rules on getting props on the ballot.  It's already hard enough to get enough power. 

Prop 8 - No.  Also known as Prop Hate.  This would allow the state to tell us who we can and cannot marry.  Crazy evangelicals put this on the ballot and if you vote Yes...you are just a misguided person who shouldn't be voting in the first place.

Prop 9 - No.  If you've read the blog, you know that my mother was murdered in 1994.  While the two men who did this were sentenced to two consecutive life sentences.  It's not until you get into the system do you find out that two life sentences can translated into 30 years in prison before there's an opportunity for parole. I have a responsibility to my mom to make sure the two men truly serve the two consecutive sentences.  So, every year in June (the anniversary of their sentencing date) like clockwork, I place a call to check in on the two men.  As a crime victim I feel there are more than enough laws on the books, policies in place to protect my rights.

Prop 10: Blah blah blah.  No.

Prop 11  No. For as much as I hate it when redistricting comes around, I would not like the way this proposition would end up doing it.

Prop 12  Yes.  It's a bond!  It's for Veterans!  Voting no is dumb, if  for any other reason than - you know these people fought in senseless wars, and it probably really effed them up...let's make sure they can have a home.

Cynthia McKinney - Okay...if you are in California and registered Green...you can safely vote for Cynthia.  If you are in Nevada or any other state in play, you know you gotta vote for Obama.  All you Green-Greens can get mad all  you want, but until we can change the electoral system...that's all we can do.   Besides, I think Obama's the best thing the Democratic Party's had since they invented the internet and sliced bread.

Linda Piera-Avila  Live in Santa Monica?  I remember when I got this email from Linda saying that she was thinking about running for Santa Monica City Council...and then...her website was up, she was heading out for endorsement meetings.  As a councilwoman she'd service Santa Monica well.

That's it.  Granted I can't vote for Linda, and there's a couple of races in my own neighborhood I need to be concerned about - I figured it would be good to get Linda some additional shout-outs. 

Iolani's slept the whole time I've been working on this...I'm going to go check on her...and you are going to vote no on 8.

Don't forget...Rally tomorrow!  For those coming into the neighborhood, be nice...pick up after yourselves. 

Alex, Iolani and I won't be there...we are going to a wedding almost 20 years in the making!

I may be a mom, but I still take bad pictures.

Last night was the DCBID's Halloween Party.  What fun!  Kids and parents were in costume.  Great food was served.  And - OMG..Bubbles!  Lots of Bubbles.  Iolani didn't know what to make of most of it.

After the Halloween costume show we saw Councilwoman Jan Perry.  Alex thought it would be a good idea to get a picture with her.  And, this is what happened:

I look like a crazed woman trying to run away.  But Iolani was squirming and the councilwoman was being sought after for other pictures.  We tried.  
More pictures over at Iolani's Page...and yes...you can see Iolani's costume.

Downtown - Chime In!

The Downtown Center Business Improvement District has launched a study to compile data in part to help lure new businesses to Downtown. The Downtown Demographic Survey, available at www.downtownla.com, is open to anyone who lives and works in the community, as well as those who come Downtown for entertainment and events. Respondents are asked to identify information such as marital status and age, their association with Downtown, the types of attractions and restaurants they frequent and what sorts of businesses they would like to see move into the area, including specific grocery stores. All questionnaires are anonymous, though those who provide a name and email address will be entered in a sweepstakes to win prizes from the Daily Grill, the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Hilton Checkers hotel and other Downtown-area operations. 

The survey is an expanded follow-up to a poll conducted by the BID! in 2006. “This is one of the most important endeavors of our business improvement district,” said Downtown Center BID President and CEO Carol Schatz. “It’s an excellent marketing tool and a way to assess how we attract different populations to come Downtown.” Los Angeles Downtown News is a sponsor of the project.

In preparation for the Rally Flower and Olympic

On Oct 30, 2008, at 5:10 PM, Sandie Richards wrote:

photos of our banners, installed

Dear MFSA, Phil, Jonipher, Harold, Marx, Ginny, Ben and Jessie, and cc to Lincoln:

Our banners are up on our signs at Flower and Olympic, and they look amazing!

Marx Gutierrez put up 'temporary' yard signs before we got the banners, and so we've already gotten some reaction. A woman called today to let me know about the No on 8 signs, in case we didn't know they were there. You can imagine the discussion we had when I explained that our church as taken a 'No on 8' position.

I wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for each of your efforts to make this happen. Even though the banners will be up slightly less than 1 week, it is an important witness as literally hundreds of cars and thousands of people pass this corner each day, on their way to a Lakers game or Convention activity or riding on the bus that is taking them to and from work. It's such a public corner, and we are saying that there are Christian Churches who don't agree with Prop. 8.

I am grateful to be part of a church for whom this decision was an easy one: we stand for human rights, and for equality. I'm equally grateful to those of you in our broader community who gave your time and efforts to ensure that our position is posted at the corner of Flower and Olympic!!

Thanks again, and blessings! Whatever happens on Tuesday, people will know where we stand.


First United Methodist Church of Los Angeles
office address: 714 W. Olympic Blvd, Suite 508
worship site: Villa Flores Multipurpose Room, 1020 S Flower St.
Los Angeles, CA 90015
tel: 213.749.0212 ext 1# fax: 213.749.0232
Website: fumcla.org

Don't forget...Rally November 2

And, if you happen to be in a pissy mood, the "yes" people will be hosting their thing close to City Hall.

11/2/2008 Say Yes to 8
TIME: 12:00 PM - 5:15 PM

ASSEMBLY: Corner of 1st Street and Main Street

ROUTE: Main Street north to Cesar Chavez then west on Broadway north on Ord west on Hill then South on 1st Street East.

Save Marriage & Family Coalition
Yu Nancy Huang at 626.286.0765

Roots of Equality
Contact: Teresa Wang
P: 562‐833‐0320


No on Proposition 8 Rally to be Held November 2nd at Pershing Square

Los Angeles, Calif. (October 23, 2008) ‐‐‐ Opponents of California Proposition 8 from across Southern California will gather on November 2nd in Pershing Square for a rally to defeat Prop 8. The rally will take place at 1:00 pm is meant to serve as a grassroots avenue to voice disapproval of this latest attempt to undermine civil and human rights.

This rally is intended as a means for attendees to interact with the public, clear up confusion surrounding the facts of Prop. 8, and discuss strategies for individuals on a personal level to defeat this prop on Election Day. Participants are encouraged to make their own signs, bring signs from the No on 8 campaign (www.noon8.com), or use signs provided by the organizers.

Pershing Square is located at 532 South Olive St. in Downtown Los Angeles. The rally is currently looking for public officials and/or celebrities who would like to participate in the day’s festivities. Those interested in more information can contact rootsofequality@gmail.com or find the facebook event by searching for “Roots of Equality”.

Roots of Equality aims to organize grassroots efforts to combat discriminatory legislation, initiatives, and laws based on sexuality and protect existing rights. Our goal is to motivate like‐minded individuals to join us and provide an outlet to express themselves through organized visibility and individual expression.

Roots of Equality was founded by Tom DeSimone, Jason Wright, Kersu Dalal, Justin Emerick, Melissa Lopez, and Teresa Wang to fill the need for grassroots efforts in fighting for and protecting LGBT civil rights.


I just saw (thanks to all the people visiting ginnycase.com) that Jeff Kent is a "yes on 8" guy. How disappointing!

Jeff. How could you do this?

Jeff, you support treating people unequally?

Jeff - reconsider.

Unless you are at a wedding, you'll need to be at this

Our second speaker confirmed!
Chastity Bono

Chastity Bono (born March 4, 1969) is an American LGBT rights
advocate, writer, actress and musician. She is the daughter of the
American entertainers Sonny and Cher. To learn more about her visit
the links below:

Meet Chasity Bono by clicking on the links below or come meet her at
the Rally this Sunday!

To learn the latest DETAILS about what has been added to this the Vote
No on 8 Rally in Downtown Los Angeles, please visit the link below:

We are still looking for additional speakers. Please call
213-891-9345 at let us know of your interest.

Voting No on 8,
Ted and Drew

Hasta La Vista Vista!

October 29, 2008
Microsoft Introduces Windows 7, Ending Vista Brand

LOS ANGELES — Microsoft introduced what it said would be a slimmer and more responsive version of its Windows operating system on Tuesday, while unceremoniously dropping the brand name Vista for the new product.

The new version will instead be branded Windows 7, because it is the seventh of a long line of operating systems for PCs developed by the company since the 1980s. The company did not say when it would sell Windows 7 to the public.

The company also said that it was planning to introduce a Web-based version of its Office programs, which is aimed at heading off a new wave of competitors like Google Docs and Zoho, which have deployed word processors, spreadsheets and presentation programs that run on a Web browser. The company was vague, however, about how it would price the programs and acknowledged that it would face skeptical Wall Street analysts who think the strategy would cannibalize the company’s profitable Office franchise.

After almost two years, Windows Vista is still getting a lackluster reception from consumers and facing a relentless marketing barrage from Apple.

The problem was highlighted last week when Microsoft reported its financial results for the most recent quarter. Its Windows unit reported just a 2 percent rise in revenue against a 4 percent decline in operating income. The computer industry viewed the setback as a shift of historic proportions. The company acknowledged last week that the mix of Windows sales in both mature and emerging markets had tipped more toward low-cost PCs, which come with lower-margin versions of Windows and often not Vista. Sales of Office software rose 23 percent, bringing in more revenue than the operating system.

On Tuesday morning, the company demonstrated Windows 7 before a group of more than 6,000 programmers attending the company’s Professional Developers’ Conference being held here through Thursday.

“We’ve done a lot of work around how you manage the windows, how you launch programs and how you manage the windows of the programs that you’ve launched,” said Steven Sinofsky, the Microsoft technologist who has led the development of the new version of Windows. “It’s all about personalization and putting you in control of the PC, and that’s a big initiative that we’ve had.”

Mr. Sinofsky took the stage and issued an apology of sorts for the problems and frustrations associated with Windows Vista. He said the company had listened to and was responding to the feedback.

“We got feedback from reviews, from the press, a few bloggers here and there, oh, and some commercials,” he said, with a nod to a lengthy Apple advertising campaign that has mercilessly poked fun at Microsoft’s woes.

He also said that he had not taken particular offense at Apple’s ad campaign teasing the giant software developer. However, the laptop did have an “I’m a PC” sticker on its cover, a reference to a recent series of ads Microsoft ran that were widely viewed as a somewhat belated response to Apple. “As an engineering team we have to do what engineers do, when you build a product, when you build a service, you step back and say what have we learned from this, what can we do better, what went well, how do we build on our experience,” he added.

He then demonstrated a “pre-beta” version of Windows, acknowledging that some features were still missing. The presentation focused generally on the more polished control features of Windows 7 including how on-screen notifications are handled, an issue that was an irritant for early Vista users who complained about the nannylike behavior of the software.

Other new features in this very early version included an enhanced and more flexible task-bar, more powerful search features, and an easier-to-use home network and file sharing. There was also a hint that Microsoft plans to revise Windows 7 to take advantage of the coming wave of multicore microprocessors from Intel and Advanced Micro Devices. Mr. Sinofsky said the company would give more details on the ability of the new program to handle up to 256 processors.

Mr. Sinofsky, who previously led the development of the company’s Office application, showed Windows 7 running on a low-priced Lenovo notebook computer equipped with just one gigabyte of memory and a relatively low-power Intel Atom microprocessor. This suggests that the new version of the program will require far fewer resources than its predecessor, although Mr. Sinofsky declined to make specific performance promises.

Microsoft also said that it planned to offer versions of a number of its Office applications via a Web browser instead of as an application on a PC, via the Microsoft Office Live Web service, and to businesses through a hosted subscription.

Copyright 2008 The New York Times Company
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I like this No on 8 post!

The Ugly Betty's say No on 8

Halloween for the kids!


Dear Downtowners,

The 1st Annual Halloween Party for Downtown L.A. Kids is here!

Please remember:

Please come at 6pm. There will be activities all evening until 9pm.
Ralphs Fresh Fare is hosting the food and drinks at no charge! Bring your appetite and thirst.
No dogs allowed in the Grand Hope Park. Sorry.
Bring your already carved pumpkin for the contest.


Friday, October 31st from 6pm-9pm


Grand Hope Park at FIDM
Southeast Corner of Hope & 9th
Los Angeles, CA 90015


$5 in the FIDM Garage
Enter from the south side of 9th Street, between Hope and Grand

See you there!                                                                         


Jose A. Flores
Administrative Assistant
Marketing & Economic Development

Downtown Center Business Improvement District
626 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 200
Los Angeles, California 90017
213.624.2146 office | 213.624.0858 fax
jflores@downtownla.com | www.downtownla.com

Watching West Wing

Oh how I love West Wing.

And, tonight on Bravo two episodes of West Wing include the re-election of Jed Bartlett.  I told Alex that I will be so happy to have a joyful election night.

I'm hopeful for a joyful election night.  All you bitter liberals get out there and vote.  

Aren't you tired of sad election night parties?  

We should all wake up on Wednesday morning with a hangover due to joyful drinking...not drinking away our sorrows.

Quick Peep at Website Statistics

Pacific Electric Lofts should know...this is the most visited page on my website:

PE: Only for the Drunks

Second most visited:

PE: My New Years Post to BlogDowntown

Then, everything else everyone wants to look at is all about Iolani.

No on Proposition 8 Rally to be Held November 2nd at Pershing Square

Los Angeles, Calif. (October 23, 2008) ‐‐‐ Opponents of  California Proposition 8 from across Southern California will
gather on November 2nd in Pershing Square for a raly to defeat Prop 8. The rally will take place at 1:00 pm is
meant to serve as a grassroots avenue to voice disapproval of this latest attempt to undermine civil and human rights.

This rally is intended as a means for attendees to interact  with the public, clear up confusion surrounding the facts of
Prop. 8, and discuss strategies for individuals on a personal level to defeat this prop on Election Day.

Participants are encouraged to make their own signs, bring signs from the No on 8 campaign (www.noon8.com), or use
signs provided by the organizers.

Pershing Square is located at 532 South Olive St. in Downtown Los Angeles. The rally is currently looking for public officials and/or celebrities who would like to participate in the day’s festivities. Those interested in more information can contact rootsofequality@gmail.com or find the facebook event by searching for “Roots of Equality”.

Roots of Equality aims to organize grassroots efforts to combat discriminatory legislation, initiatives, and laws based on sexuality and protect existing rights. Our goal is to motivate like‐minded individuals to join us and provide an
outlet to express themselves through organized visibility and individual expression.

Roots of Equality was founded by Tom DeSimone, Jason Wright, Kersu Dalal, Justin Emerick, Melissa Lopez, and Teresa Wang to fill the need for grassroots efforts in fighting for and protecting LGBT civil rights.

For additional information, visit http://www.OutinDowntownLosAngeles.com

Group Study Exchange: South Korea

The Rotary Club of Los Angeles – Morning Club is looking for young business and professional people to represent them on a cultural and vocational exchange to South Korea. Participants will meet with South Koreans who are in your field. In addition to “vocational days”, you will get the opportunity to enjoy cultural and humanitarian experiences, while representing Rotary International.

Airfare is paid for by Rotary International. Housing and meals provided by host District 3660.

Application Guidelines

•    Participants cannot be current members of any Rotary organizations
•    Be currently employed for at least 2 years in any business or profession on a full-time basis
•    Be between 25-40 years of age
•    Work or live in District 5280 (Los Angeles County)
•    Able to travel from March 28 to April 25, 2009 with your employer's consent

The 2008 Group Study Exchange will make a presentation to the Club the morning of November 6, 2008.  They will discuss their experiences in Central America. We would like to invite those interested in applying for the 2009 trip to see the presentation and meet with the Club to discuss your interest.

To attend the presentation and receive the application, please RSVP to ginny@ginnycase.com.

The group generally meets the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month at 7:30am at the Los Angeles Athletic Club, located at 431 W 7th St (NE corner of 7th & Olive).

For more information about the Rotary Club of Los Angeles Morning, visit http://lamorningrotary.org/

Rotary is a worldwide organization of business and professional leaders who provide humanitarian service and help to build goodwill and peace in the world. Rotary’s global membership is approximately 1.2 million men and women who belong to more than 32,000 Rotary clubs in more than 200 countries and geographical areas.

Million Trees Los Angeles

MTLA x LAHD Handyworker Program together provide clients with free trees to be planted at their property. Today, the first tree was planted at Ruby’s place. It was a Sweet Bay and will have white flowers. Attached is a picture of the scene. More information about the pilot program will be available on the up coming LAHD Handyworker Program Newsletter.

Downtown LA Voters - Be sure you are on the list!

From: Ashley Zarella
Date: October 8, 2008 8:18:27 AM PDT
To: CommunityDLANC@yahoogroups.com
Subject: New Residential Buildings - Make Election Day Count

Through some recent investigation, it has been discovered that some of
the new residential buildings downtown may not be recognized as such by
the LA County Registrar. If you live in a new residential building, you
may want to double check that the Registrar will let you into the polls
on Election Day. For instance, the Chapman Building at 8th/Broadway
recently opened and was still identified as an office building. The
County quickly sent out an inspector, however, to verify the change in
use and now all registered voters at the Chapman are eligible to vote.

If you are not sure about the status of your residential address, call
562-466-1310 today. Every vote counts and you have the right to
participate in the upcoming election.

67 to go

I just saw that I'm 67 clicks away from hitting 10,000 hits on my website. 

I like watching the number portion of my website, and I'm even more curious about what people are looking for when they get here.

August 2008 was the busiest month ever for the site. 

The top 5 favorite posts:
5. In Memory of Col. Hall
4. Moving to SB Manhattan
3. No on Prop 8
2. No Love For PE
1.  Liqour in Downtown

The favorites used to be the Marching Band posts, and the one about the rats in the PE Basement. 

This is still my all time favorite post: Santee Court and the Boy who called his Mommy

California Faith for Equality to speak at First UMC

From Pastor Sandie Richards:

Rev. Dr. Jonipher Kwong will be our guest speaker this Sunday at First UMC Los Angeles. He will bring a unique sermon style along with a message from California Faith for Equality.

Ca. Faith for Equaltiy is an interfaith organization working for marriage equality for same sex couples. You can find out more about California Faith for Equality at cafaithforequality.org

The Cal-Pac Conference of the United Methodist Church has taken a stand against Proposition 8, and in favor of Marriage Equality, a stance that is contrary to the international United Methodist Church at this time. Many United Methodist churches in the state of California are working to save legal marriage for same sex couples, and Dr. Kwong will tell us some of the things that California Faith for Equality is doing.

Dr. Kwong is a strong leader, and we are fortunate that he is able to come and speak-- you'll be blessed and enriched by his presentation.

This Sunday, October 4, is also World Communion Sunday, so we will celebrate the Eucharist along with Christians across the globe. Come and worship, and be blessed. The Eucharist is open to anyone who wants to participate.


Pastor Sandie

(first united methodist church of los angeles)
worship= villa flores multipurpose room 1020 s flower st los angeles 90015 (enter @ back of bldg)
office= 714 w olympic bl suite 508 los angeles ca 90015 213.749.0212 www.fumcla.org

My Favorite Flash

WTF Mate

Methodists are a No on Prop 8

United Methodists from throughout the Cal-Pac Conference are organizing in opposition to Proposition 8, the November ballot measure that seeks to enshrine discrimination against GLBT persons in the California constitution. Beginning Oct...1, the United Methodists’ No on Prop 8 Campaign will initiate a Speakers Bureau.

An important resource for local churches or groups, the Speakers Bureau will provide well-informed persons who can assist or lead informational meetings regarding: Marriage Equality, Prop 8, and/or the process and rationale behind three historic resolutions supporting marriage equality enacted by our Cal-Pac Annual Conference in June.

The United Methodists’ No on Prop 8 Campaign is currently being led and coordinated by Cal-Pac Reconciling Ministries, MFSA, and Welcoming Committee members; they have come together to help implement the Annual Conference’s resolution "Protecting Marriage Equality in California." This resolution includes the Conference’s rationale for opposing Prop 8.the other two Annual Conference resolutions on same-gender marriage, visit http://cal-pac.org/con_Conferences_Annual.cfm?c=1001683&v=3 and scroll down the page.

You can download the endorsement form from this LINK

Iolani's sleeping isn't she cute?

First - there's this link: Did She Smile?
Isn't she just so cute!  Look at that hair!!

Today was a big day for her.  First we went to Target, then dinner at Islands.  Today was the first time I ever changed her in a public bathroom.  I never thought I'd be such a big germphobe.

Time for more Regional Connector Meetings!

Thursday, October 16th, 12:00 to 1:30 p.m.
Los Angeles Central Library
630 W. 5th St.
Los Angeles, CA 90071

Tuesday, October 21st, 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.
Japanese American National Museum
369 E. 1st St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012

For additional information, call 213.922.7277 or visit metro.net/regionalconnector.

More information to follow soon!

Feeling better

The sutures are healing, I'm resting much more than I ever have, and Iolani appears to be growing.  It was difficult at first to take it easy, but with last weekend's big scare, I've taken the "take it easy" to a new level.  I'll let Iolani be the busy body, I'll just hang out and nurse...endlessly.  LOL!

She has officially grown out of three onesies.  

One interesting thing that Iolani's started is grunting.  It is very funny.  When she's eating, or resisting sleep, she grunts.  It's an adorable grunt, and I'm looking forward to her grunting at inappropriate times.  She will likely grunt through Sandie's sermon, or when we are out for a meal.  

The grunting sounds like she's doing something in her diaper, but there's no correlation - so far. (She has a different sound for that) But, unless you heard the grunt outside of her doing something else, you wouldn't know it.  The funniest part is that she's a loud grunter.  It's loud.  

Her burps aren't burps, they are full on belches.  It reminds me of my brother, Spud, who used to gross me out with his world record attempts at the longest loudest belch.  Even if she's had only an ounce of liquid, she has a big person belch.  There's the occasional little girl burp, but in the morning she's a belcher.  

Let me say this, the grunting and the belching are absolutely endearing.  She's the most beautiful baby I've ever seen (and I've seen lots of babies), she's very alert and is spending just a little bit more time up and about.  

It was just a sneeze

Friday evening I sneezed. It wasn't a big deal, but I felt something give. Remember, I'm still recovering from a c-section. 11 p.m. feeding came and went with no problem, so I went off to bed anticipating a 2 a.m. feeding.

What I got instead was a 3:30 wake up to what I thought at first was night sweats. I got out of bed to go wash my face, and found out that I most likely loosened a couple of stitches. Everything was a mess. I figured that since I was still walking around that I was overall - okay. But, I would have to tell Alex that something was wrong.

I started to walk out to the living room, and before he could turn around I blurted out "Okay, don't panic, but I've got a little bit of bleeding from my stitches." And, when I said a "little bit" I totally lied. I looked like a halloween scare house actress who enjoyed the cinema blood a little too much.

I could not talk fast enough. Had I not warned him, I wonder if he would have fainted. And, by the look on his face, something was very wrong. He called 911, then the baby woke up, and then I had to lie down.

The next thing I know, I'm getting wheeled out of the house by paramedics, leaving Alex and Iolani behind. That was rough.

We got to the emergency room at Good Samaritan, quickly saw a doctor, and confirmed my hunch. Yes, a couple of stitches on my right side gave out, and I had a shallow gap which was obviously dripping. They wrapped me up with gauze, absorbent squares, an ace wrap, and some antibiotics.

Meanwhile, I'm feeling like I really need to nurse. I knew Alex and Iolani were around somewhere. I asked the doctor to get them back with me as soon as possible. And, like magic there they were. Even though we'd only been separated for 90 minutes, it felt like an eternity. I nursed the baby, we got our discharge papers, and additional instructions:

"Bed Rest and Don't Carry A Thing, Not Even The Baby"


Bed rest has been assigned to me four times in my entire life, well now five. The previous times it was coupled with some heavy sleeping pills - not necessarily for the pain, but to ensure that I stay down. Bed rest and I don't get along.

Don't carry a thing: okay, I'll try.

Don't carry the baby? WTF? She's 18 days old, she needs to nurse every 15 minutes, her diaper needs changing every 17 minutes. She needs a bath, she needs to be cuddled. And, even with splitting the duties with Alex - that still means...oh, whatever. They don't know what they are talking about.

But, because all this was said in front of Alex it became law. I did stay down all day yesterday. Okay, I lie. I stayed down for most of yesterday. Alex's mom came by, total Godsend! She was able to lift, cuddle, swoon over Iolani while I just spent the morning in bed hoping for faster healing. I knew that since she was there, I could sleep and not worry so much about Iolani. My only responsibility was to be a nursing cow. :-) Which, I'm happy to do.

I'm up a bit more today, but still not carrying much. I carried Iolani for one brief second, but I was careful not to undo any progress from yesterday. We are doing okay, it's been a long weekend. Alex has been a rock star and continues to set the bar for new dads worldwide.

We tried ArtWalk

Last night we decided to venture out to go see some downtown Goats.  It didn't work out so well because the goats had already gone off to bed, and they were expected to depart downtown this morning at 10 a.m.  After goat-ing we were off to Weenez to get some ice cream and then head back to the house.  

Once we got to Weenez we thought we'd try to get to Bert's gallery on the corner of 5th and Main.  We got mid-block before Iolani announced that she was ready to go home.  We made it to the door of Bert's gallery and realized that we were very ill-prepared to head inside.  We should have used the Ergo and not the stroller to walk the sidewalks that night.

Two things stood out though last night - people are still walking around outside of the galleries with wine and beer in their hands.  People - this is against the law.  At some point the police will start to crack down on this.  It is fine to enjoy your wine with art, but stay inside the gallery with your drink.  Get a smaller glass if you aren't able to finish it all.  There's nothing in the booklets that say you have to tank up in order to enjoy ArtWalk.

The second thing - jeez - a lot of smokers.

Just checking the statistics

Iolani's birthday (August 27) brought the most hits to ginnycase.com - 289. The next day we got 123. It's died back down to the average 20 to 30 hits a day.

Monthly stats starting with when we found out we were expecting:
April: 457 (Baby announcement)
May: 394 (Just getting big)
June: 658 (DLANC Election)
July: 881 (Getting bigger)
August: 1,150 (Anticipation and birth)

Iolani's Fresh Post


Westside meetings start Wednesday!

As everyone's been telling you, Wednesday is the first Westside Extension Meeting. Please go. Then you can hop over to all of the blogs and write up your storm. If you can't make the Santa Monica meeting, remember, there's one in Beverly Hills, Westwood, West Hollywood, and at LACMA.

Yes, I know there's a Dodger game, but you will have time to do both. Also, if you get to the meeting on time, you can also get home in time to watch the premier of America's Next Top Model, Knight Rider, and Lipstick Jungle.

Twittering up a storm

I first found out about Twitter when some of my neighbors were talking about twitter this, twitter that...I joined and found out that Twitter was the best thing since sliced bread. Considering that I was never the cool kid in school, no one rarely passed me notes. Twitter turned out to be a great way to capture that kind of emotion.

First, I twittered only during DLANC meetings. It turned out to be a great way to 1) save on text messaging fees, 2) engage with the audience (and my alternate) without having to stop the meeting, and 3) meet up with neighbors when they were out and about.

Then, when we found out that we were expecting Iolani, it turned out to be a great way to update friends and family on the results of doctor appointments: "Appt went well, no news" to "Due August 27th" to "It is a GIRL!!!". As the due date came closer, and my tendencies to not go where I initally set out to go, I used twitter to announce what restarant I actually ended up at.

August 27 rolled around, we we left the house for the hospital. We let people know.
Epidural in - another twitter

Once the epidural went in, all I could do was feel the pressure of rising contractions, wait for me to dialate to 10 cm, and wait. I continued to provide updates and check email on my iphone. All of the sudden I started to get large numbers of people following me. I googled myself and found out that I was an afternoon novelty.


Like I posted on some of the sites, the intent of my twittering wasn't to entertain people who didn't know me. The intent was to keep friends and family up to date with the progress of labor. It saved a lot of phone calls, allowed Alex and I to focus on Iolani's birth because we had the peace of mind that everyone was in the loop.

She's Here! She's Here!

Meet Iolani Mariann Brideau. She arrived on her due date (August 27, 2008) at 11:56 p.m. She weighed 8 pounds, one ounce. And, she's about 19 inches long. She's all legs, but we all knew that.

When you read this...

I know, it's the middle of the night.  But, I'm up for an early morning snack and getting caught up on last minute emails, emptying the dishwasher, and one more blog entry.

Doctor appointment on Wednesday showed we'd progressed to 2-3 centimeters.  Dr. Park asked if I'd been experiencing unbearable contractions.  My answer was no.  His quick reply was "that isn't going to last much longer"

He's a funny guy.

He told us to check into the hospital at 5 a.m. regardless of contractions.  Usually a 5 a.m. wake up call is unbearable, only because Alex is not a morning person.  However, I have a strong suspicion that come an hour and  half from now, he'll be ready to go.

So that's it.  When you read this, we will likely be at Good Samaritan Hospital, toughing it out for a couple of hours.  We'll keep you posted as best we can.  Twitter's your best bet.



Who knew?

Thanks to Green LA Girl for pointing out I'm not the only one who feels that TJ is out of line.

Hey, T.J. please leave Jeff Kent alone.

Look at this

Are there not enough Dodger players for T.J. Simers?  Must he just focus on one player?

T.J. Simers of the LA Times just can't leave Jeff Kent alone.  Simer's article from today has Manny pulling him away from Jeff in an attempt to break up what might have been an uncomfortable situation.  I can't say for sure, but the dramatization that Simer describes is... well...childish and unprofessional.  

T.J. should just apply for a position with Perez Hilton or TMZ.  It fits his writing style a little better. 

Maybe that's how some journalists work.  Bug and Bug until you get something out of the player.  But, you know...Baseball players play a lot of games during the course of a season, and I imagine they are bugged e v e r y single day.  

Can't Jeff Kent be left alone for a while.  If this is his last season, why try to muck it up...why be so irritating?  Leave the guy alone, let him enjoy the game and his co-workers for the remainder of the season.

I'd bet Vin Scully would agree with me...T.J., go interview someone else.  I think Lindsey Lohan needs more coverage, and probably has a better grasp on the Dodgers.

Time for more Westside Meetings!

Alex and I were driving home on Sunday night with a car full of baby stuff when we noticed a string of 720 buses heading west. It was 8 or 9 or something at night, and these buses were P A C K E D like it was 5 p.m. on a weekday evening.

You know how you used to get a new pair of shoes before the school year started? And, then around April those shoes were looking pretty ragged. You'd worn them everyday, you grew a little bit, and while your feet just kept growing, you knew eventually you'd need to get new shoes. Well...let's pretend it's April and we need to get a new pair of shoes...rather...we need something else (or new) on Wilshire Boulevard.

If you are a regular reader of GH&T, you know I work on this project.

Here's the information for the next round of meetings that Metro distributed yesterday:

Please join us for the final round of community update meetings for the Westside Extension Transit Corridor Alternatives Analysis Study. This study is evaluating alternatives to address the growing traffic and congestion in the 38-square mile study area.

Metro will provide an update to the public of its analysis to date, including draft recommendations. In the fall, Metro will present the Alternatives Analysis Report and its recommendations to the Board, which may then authorize a full environmental review.

There are 5 meetings scheduled:
Santa Monica
Wednesday, September 3, 2008; 6 to 8 p.m.
Santa Monica Public Library, Auditorium
601 Santa Monica Boulevard, Santa Monica

West Hollywood
Thursday, September 4, 2008; 6 to 8 p.m.
Plummer Park
7377 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood

Beverly Hills
Saturday, September 6, 2008; 2 to 4 p.m.
Beverly Hills Public Library Auditorium
444 N Rexford Drive, Beverly Hills

Los Angeles /Mid-Wilshire
Monday, September 8, 2008; 6to 8 p.m.
LACMA West, Terrace Room
5905 Wilshire Boulevard, 5th Floor

Los Angeles/Westwood
Wednesday, September 10, 2008; 6 to 8 p.m.
Westwood Presbyterian
10822 Wilshire Boulevard

Please join us to review the recommendations and receive a status report on the Study and potential schedule for future steps. Content presented at these meetings will be identical, so make sure to attend at the time and location most convenient for you.

For additional information or questions, please visit the Westside Extension Transit Corridor Study website at metro.net/westside or contact the project information line at 213.922.6934.
Because of the pending delivery, we don't know if we are going to make any of the meetings.  I know that I'll be on leave during the meetings, but if you know me...I can't help it. I like these transit meetings, and it's never too early to start bringing your kids to community meetings.  Maybe it will help to push off teenage rebellion if kids find out early on someone's listening to them.  

Ah, I know...the wishful thinking of a know-nothing expecting first time mother...  :-)

If Alex, Baby, and I are going to get to one of the meetings, my money is on the LACMA meeting.  This has got to be my favorite meeting venue because the 720 (or 20) drops you off at the front door.  Literally...At the Front Door.  No, really - like off the bus, two steps, and into the building.  

If you can't make it to the meeting, don't forget to send in your comments, questions, and concerns.  

Still laughing

first a gun, then an axe

It's funny - but it isn't my kid

The next cruise....

I once had a job where I had to fly a bit.  I had to fly just enough that I no longer enjoy the wait at the airport, and being off the ground.  So, now we cruise.

We've gone on a couple of NCL cruises, and enjoyed each trip.  Alex put together a great itinerary for our next trip - which will take place late next April.  

Obviously, for this next cruise we will have an additional roommate with us.  Iolani should be about 7 or 8 months old.

So the trip:

We will board here in Los Angeles, be at sea for 3 whole days, and land at Juneau, AK.  Then, the next day we will be in Ketchikan, AK.  Finally, we'll travel the inside passage to Vancouver. 

Then, it's off to the train!  From Vancouver to Seattle or Tacoma, we'll hang out in Washington for a couple of nights. 

And, then finally we will take the train back to Los Angeles.  

It will be a great trip for the three of us.

More baby shower pictures

Do you think you might still deliver "down there"

Yesterday was week #2 of weekly baby doctor visits.  Last week Iolani and I got a quick look over to make sure all was well.  The doctor couldn't stay long because there was a city-wide outbreak of baby deliveries, and Dr. Park had to rush off.  Which was fine with me.  I figure once we go into labor, we'd want Dr. Park to rush to our aid ASAP too!

Yesterday, Dr. Park checked for her heartbeat (still there, no surprise).  Strong heart beat, long legs, and everything else was looking just fine.  So, I ask "How much do you think she weighs about now"

He says - good question.

So, a couple of additional ultrasound screens later he says - not quite 8 pounds.  
He continues in a comforting yet unsettling tone - Do you think you might still deliver "down there"

And, my reply is - probably not, but let's try anyways!
(All the while, I'm thinking....Ya, let's try to push Iolani through when it might be obvious to everyone in the room she's not going to fit.  But, I'll keep thinking good thoughts that maybe a c-section won't be in the cards.  Ya.  pffff.  WTF) 

wait a minute.

This is what is running through my head: 
"eight pounds, eight pounds, EIGHT POUNDS....no no this can't be right, it's all water, it can't be all her...oh my god, I'm going to delivery 8 pounds, oh my god, I need to have this child right now, eight pounds"

You read it, now think it ten times faster.

The upside is that Dr. Park doesn't think I'll make our next appointment.  (jinx)

The downside is that the crib was supposed to be delivered yesterday, and it wasn't.  The UPS guy didn't see anyone at the security desk, didn't try to call the leasing office, and didn't want to take the crib and mattress out of the truck.  So, he left.  He didn't even leave a note. 

At the end of the day, Iolani's doing well.  We've come a long way from "OMG, I'm pregnant" to "OMG, we are 5 1/2 months pregnant" to a healthy little girl who's ready to get out of the confines of my body.  

Besides, we've got a a travel bed ready for her just in case the UPS guy fails us again.  

Hey Bikers

I don't work on this project.  But, you should know about it anyway...

Begin forwarded message:

From: Iris.Fagar-Awakuni@lacity.org
Date: August 12, 2008 2:46:57 PM PDT
Subject: Bike Plan Update

Dear Neighborhood Councils,

Below is an update regarding the City's efforts to update the Bicycle Plan:

The Bicycle Plan Update is a collaborative effort between Department of City Planning (DCP) and Department of Transportation (DOT) to update the existing Bicycle Plan originally adopted in 1996 with technical amendments adopted in 2002.

To date, four regional workshops were held in February/March. Comment Cards have been distributed to council offices, city libraries, and to DCP community planners overseeing community plan updates. Hundreds of comments have been received at the workshops and via the project's website (www.labikeplan.org). Currently City staff is evaluating draft policies received by the consultant team and will discuss them with members of the technical advisory committee (team of City departments responsible for the implementation of the Bike Plan). Staff will continue to accept comments.

Regional meetings around the City will be conducted in fall to discuss draft Bicycle Plan including policies and routes. Locations and dates to be determined.

At the project website www.labikeplan.org the public can provide comments on the project, view bike routes proposed by members of the public, and access bicycling resources and documents.

Continued input and ideas are gladly welcomed and appreciated. For questions, please do not hesitate to call or write. Thank you.

Jordann Turner
Los Angeles Department of City Planning
Citywide Planning Division
200 N. Spring Street, Rm 721
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Phone: 213.978.1379 | Fax: 213.978.4656