Until 2010...um...thanks I guess?

I've been home for about an hour. Where was I? Our DLANC Board of Directors meeting. It's a raucous monthly event that is a true showcase of grassroots democracy - and Russ was right - something was in the water.

I haven't gone on a public rant in quite a while, and I guess it's time has come.

There are a couple of things that bug me about my fellow council members.

God-bless'em, they are good people and their heart is in the right place, but I get frustrated when motions come to the floor that haven't been flushed out, and there's one more word, phrase, or one little thing that needed to be put in there. It bugs me that it seems like motions come to our board meeting, and there's no real proof (granted, I haven't asked for it) that this motion has actually come from a committee, or if it's just a boardmember making a motion.

Board reports - they are verbal...we don't have written ones, and I'd like to see written ones.

Too few people doing all the work. It's starting to catch up with our board, and it seems like all of the boardmembers are doing something, but...

Imagine a see-saw. There's four people on one side, and 20 people on another. How would the see-saw balance? Well, for DLANC - th four people balance the remaining 20 people. And, I admit it - I'm one of the 20 people. Work, Church, UMW, a new building, a lovely relationship, my baseball collections, laundry, houseplants, and I guess I'm supposed to plan a wedding sometime...and I need time to blog - how am I supposed to fit volunteering, finding more people and telling my new neighbors that DLANC is the savior for downtown Los Angeles? OMG - I'm tired just typing it up.

And, to make matters worse (and the way I describe it, you'd think blood was spilling on Broadway) - our secretary is unable to be a notetaker for our meeting. I've got the last two meetings, including the Regional Connector presentation as MP3 files - but we don't have meeting notes.

And, we've got phat bank in our checking account, but no all encompassing plans (right now) to spend it. Why? Because we are too busy doing other things. And, and and and...I know I'm part of the problem.

>deep sigh<

To top it all off, Our DONE rep let us know that our election falls out of some sort of schedule, and our 2008 elections have been postponed until 2010. While I'm not calling for it, but I hope someone recalls me in 2008, just so that I have the opportunity to run on my good name.

2010...I don't know whether or not to be happy about this. I like elections, I want someone to run against me...I need someone to run against me or I'll feel like I really haven't done my job of activating the neighborhood. I want someone out there to say - "I can do a better job than she is, and this is what I would do" Those conversations are good for the neighborhood, and they should happen.

Okay okay...

I think I'm just punchy at this point.

There's one more item to cover, but I'm just going to wait until tomorrow night. (Before ER maybe?)

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Elections for the next DLANC board will be held in June 2008.