My Yankee Dilemma.

Can it be? A Yankee coming to town to coach the Dodgers? Oh, if I didn’t need therapy before, I know I need it now.

Let’s recap:

While in high school I began to idolize the Mariners - if for any other reason than they all lived in Seattle, and I wanted to live in Seattle. When I started college, I missed my Math 105 final >twice< because in 1994 and 1995 there were some very important games that could not be missed.

However, I started to notice a trend - my Mariners were moving to New York. There was the beloved and lustful Tino Martinez. A-Rod eventually made it east, Jeff Nelson, Luis Sojo...I’ll stop there. Honestly, when Tino left town, the coffeeshop was a bit down in the dumps about it. He was cute.

Then, I started to read about the Yankee Owner. Then, I just started not liking the stupid Yankee logo.

Joe Torre had better make his way to downtown and start buying up all our Dodger gear. He’s going to get the stadium on opening day and see tens of thousands of diehard Dodger fans - he had better be good and worth all that money.

Andre and Russell deserve nothing less.

The one big upside is that I have a hunch I'll be getting a TON of new bobbleheads for my collection. Good thing I got a better job that allows for more shelf space.

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