Anti Aloha?

There's an article in this week's Honolulu Weekly (I have a weakness for the people of Hilo) about a hotel that I stayed at in Hilo.

I was on a multi-island business trip, visiting a prospective client in Honolulu, a client at Kapiolani Community College, a former client on Maui, and leading a training with Hawaii County.

The hotels booked for me is a story to itself.

Honolulu: My room was ant infested, the carpeted floor was damp, and no internet access in the room.

Maui: My hotel was very far away from anything. There was no cell coverage, no internet access, and I had to cross a sandy beach (in my work heels) to get to breakfast.

Hilo: It was the night before the hotel was to be turned over to the new owner. Their was a monster party which's theme was truely warranted "f-u" to the new owner. The cab driver on the way to the hotel explained most of the situation to me, so I was concerned that I would have trouble sleeping.

Which I did. At about 3 in the morning I heard splashing outside. Not waves crashing against the shore, but.... I get to the window and all I see are bright-white bare buttocks doing belly-flops into the pool. I'm glad they had a good time, even though it made the next day of training and travel back to the nasty hotel in Honolulu a bit of a bear.

It's a shame that Mr. Fujiyama has to do this to the community that helped to raise him. Even more so - it's a shame that most of us can only sit back and watch it play out.

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gourmet said...

No reflection on you or your trip...I think the islands are a ghetto with a gift shop...

~~gourmet coffee snob~~
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