You can "Go Metro" on your iPhone now!

Here's the link to their website

October 8, 2007
Rick Jager/Marc Littman

Metro Media Relations


Metro Debuts New Web Site Tailored Especially for Hand-Held Devices

Metro has launched an offspring of its popular web site at that is designed, especially, for those commuters and Metro riders who carry hand-held electronic devices that can access the Internet.

For those travelers, will now provide Metro’s Trip Planner, fare information, maps of the Metro System and a wealth of rider information tailored to their small screens and slower internet access.

For Metro riders, the new site is designed to function on a variety of web-enabled devices and will operate on approximately 90 percent of current hand-held devices, all but the most basic machines.

One of the target audiences to the new web feature are new arrivals to Los Angeles or tourists, people who may not have access to a computer wherever they are staying. By accessing they can now find Metro information with their cell phone. The new site also has been optimized to download quickly and use little bandwidth.

To best access Metro’s Trip Planner on the new web site, Metro recommends the Opera Mini Browser, which does an excellent job of handling web sites that are designed for mobile access. The browser is free and allows individuals to access mobile web sites on cell phones that do not come with browsers. The browser can be downloaded from

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