Kids - don't try this at home

Golf Cart Joyride Destroys Greens


Three golf carts were hot wired and taken for a joyride over the weekend at Gold Mountain Golf Course.

Bremerton police arrived Sunday morning to the golf course along the 7200 block of West Belfair Valley Road Sunday morning to find three golf carts trashed at various points across the course.

Two of the carts were driven as far as they could be driven into the woods near green 12. Police believe the suspects used access near the railroad tracks to leave the course, according to reports.

The golf carts had been damaged and their windshields were removed. A third golf cart was found near green 18. The cart had been driven over a rhododendron bush and into a tree, according to reports.

The front wheels were facing different directions, indicating the steering mechanism had been damaged.

In addition to the cart damage, greens 1, 12 and 18 were partially destroyed by the joy rides. The grass had deep grooves from tires and large burned out marks from the stolen carts being driven on them.

A golf course employee estimated the damage at around $6,000. Police have no suspect information, but have forwarded the report to detectives for review.

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