Ginny's Bulleted List of Comments

  • I talked to someone in line at the grocery store this week. Rather, she came up to me and asked me about the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council. How about you?
  • I have officially saved up enough money to replace all four tires on my car. This means starting next week I >might<>
  • However, on Monday I will officially give up my once-a-day Starbucks habit so that I can save up for a new Mac.
  • Next week I promised to eat three meals a day, and not all three meals at the same time. That didn't work out so well for me this week.
  • Sunday I promise to call my Grandma Marian because I realized that three (omg 3) months have passed since I last spoke to them. I hope they know I've been busy, not busy ignoring them, just busy with my simple little life.
  • Now, I'm feeling really guilty about not calling them.
  • Maybe I should just hope a plane and hope they will make me dinner.
  • sigh. My grandma makes great fried eggs.
  • And pie.

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Liana said...

ginny...its Liana....i wanna touch base....e-mail me