Marching Band Mania

I was looking through my website statistics tonight (and yes, I have more pressing things to take care of...) and noticed that an entry on a marching band competition gets more hits than anything else on my blog. It even beats out the entry on the one about the time a rat crawled up into my car's engine and died.

So - for those who make their way here hoping for some great information on the rivalries of high school marching bands, let me redirect you to these websites:

Can I just say: Hello - OMG - there's some serious marching fanatics out there. Everything a marching band needs is right here.

2) School Bands
For those of us who think back to the days when we were in marching bands (I played the drums), visit this website and look at today's marching bands.

Okay kids - have at it. Go get your fundraising on, practice marching down the hallway, and memorize those notes. There's work to be done...the people await your performance.

See, I think even Mr. Yantis would be proud...

Ginny's Bulleted List of Comments

  • I talked to someone in line at the grocery store this week. Rather, she came up to me and asked me about the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council. How about you?
  • I have officially saved up enough money to replace all four tires on my car. This means starting next week I >might<>
  • However, on Monday I will officially give up my once-a-day Starbucks habit so that I can save up for a new Mac.
  • Next week I promised to eat three meals a day, and not all three meals at the same time. That didn't work out so well for me this week.
  • Sunday I promise to call my Grandma Marian because I realized that three (omg 3) months have passed since I last spoke to them. I hope they know I've been busy, not busy ignoring them, just busy with my simple little life.
  • Now, I'm feeling really guilty about not calling them.
  • Maybe I should just hope a plane and hope they will make me dinner.
  • sigh. My grandma makes great fried eggs.
  • And pie.