Crossing the street for Santee Alley

What's with all the downtown hating?

I open up the LA times yesterday and I begin to read about how Lauren - from the MTV show The Hills is all about shopping at Santee Alley. Which for the first two or three paragraphs, I was okay with. Until she started in with this whole speech about how she could spend $100 and get a lot of great stuff, then out of the blue started talking about all the knock-off and cheaply made goods.

Then, I open up the paper today and Steve Lopez is going on about jaywalking tickets in Skid Row - like the tickets are not distributed anywhere else in downtown.

First off - all the stuff I've bought in the fashion district has been high quality - not cheaply made stuff. Yes, it exists - but you have to look for cheaply made stuff. Yesterday I bought a beautiful pair of jeans, and a fabulous sweater for less than $100. Then, I walked over and bought two new pairs of shoes...and ask Alex...they weren't cheap...but a girl HAS GOT TO HAVE HER SHOES...that match my purse.

If you want to buy cheap, that's fine. Buy from the folks who sell their stuff on the street and avoid any store that has four walls. Keep in mind it's likely the sales tax they are charging you isn't making it back into the State's coffers.

But, on to the topic that really has me going this afternoon. Jaywalking.
Oh...people...don't cross when the red hand is flashing. If you are already in the intersection, that's one thing - finish. But, if you see the flashing hand and you are ready to dart into the street...don't do it.

A couple of days ago I was walking up to get some coffee. I was standing at 6th and Broadway and I saw a couple enter the crosswalk when the red hand was already flashing. Normally, I'd just mutter to myself and see the aggravated driver who'd been waiting to make a right turn under that green light. However, rather than muttering, all I could think to say was: "Ohhhhh, buuuussssttttteddddd" because there were two officers waiting for the pedestrian on the other side of the intersection. Indeed - jaywalking was finally a ticketable offense in Los Angeles. Pedestrians, Bikers, and Cars do not individually OWN the road - we SHARE the road.

Just for full disclosure - when I lived in Washington I was an avid rollerblader. Unfortunately the part of town I lived in wasn't too friendly to my rollerblading, and I would constantly get tickets for rollerblading on the sidewalk, on the street, on park benches...yet I continued to do it. So, don't think for a minute I'm trying to play "Holier than Thou" - I'm just saying - don't cross on the red flashing hand. Just wait for the next light.

and, now for you You Tubbies out there...some useless violence...

and, in closing: when it looks like there are no cars - trust me...they are there:

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