Willie Nelson said it best...

It's been a week now since I left my previous job @ eCivis. It's been a long, fun week. First off, people knew I was looking for a new position. There were certain things at the company I didn't really buy into, which made it difficult to enjoy the work. Second, I was having a tough time seeing where my skills were advancing, or would be advanced in the future. And, I have to say that at this point...it's been that way for a couple of years, and I have only myself to blame.

There's this part of me that just wants to spill the beans on why I left so abruptly. At the same time, it's not the way I want to work. No job is 100% perfect. And, I know that sometimes...sometimes...I may be hard to keep happy. I have high expectations, and I admit that I expect more from those around me than what I expect of myself. I also have to say, Chris presented me with a great offer, and I had to take it. I missed working for her, and I am excited to be back!

I will say I have missed talking with my previous clients. They know who they are. The Harley rider in Florida, The Moms in Virginia and Arizona, people who live "on Island", north of here, south of here...on and on and on.

This I will say, and I've said it in interviews. I love the bureaucracy...the local governments and the people who make that whole thing work. My favorite part of the job was to hear people talk about how frustrating their job was because they had four million tasks on their desks, budgets to complete, forms required, and then to hear them say "and, now I have to do this grants thing? Ah, coooooooooome on!"

The clear majority of the people out there who make those cities run, work their butts off. For most of them, they will never be recognized for the work they do above and beyond. Most will be presented with eye rolls when they say "I work for the City of...", knowing the preconception that follows.

So, for those who don't know the joy of procurement forms, budget meetings, and the endless chatter of "The council told us to do more with much less"...take a moment and thank your management analyst, budget directors, administrative support, grant coordinators, and senior principal analysts. They make your city run much more smoothly, when compared to what you would do to it.

In closing, I'm going to a Dodger game tonight, and I'll be thinking about all the grant writiers, coordinators, and terrified workerbees I've left behind.

Oh...and Ricky's last day was today.

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