Carts! Carts! Every Downtowner needs one

I'm not talking about the grocery cart, I'm talking about the card you need to get your laundry to and from your apartment, your groceries home from the store, while you are picking pop cans out of the trash.

I have a cart. It was given to Alex and I when we moved into Santee Court. After three years of rugged abuse (I used it to move a microwave from Santee Court to the PE Building, waaaaaaaaaay overweight, and I didn't think it would make it), it's about to retire. Knowing how I am with my stuff, it's likely to be around for another 9 or 10 years.

When my cart and I are out and about, at least one person asks me - where did I get my cart. I feel bad because it was just given to me, and I can't share my joy in carting with anyone, outside of telling them, "back off, this is mine, and don't think I just leave this sitting around in the laundry room!" Errr, I mean - you can get one at Ralphs.

But, nooooooow I am in a position where I need to do some cart shopping, preparing for the inevitable cart breakage. So, because I have a wild and crazy audience (maybe one or two people a day, if I'm not quitting my job or running for office), I wanted to share my results with you!

Just your plain old cart from Target:

$29.99, online
Nothing too fancy here.

Looking a little more sturdy, and the possibility of accessories:

$39.99, without liner, online
$44.98, with the removable liner (for those who don't want to show their unmentionables...I promise, no judging)

Then, OMG - we hit GOLD people!
Without a doubt shopping carts make transporting groceries from a car or bus to your home a whole lot easier. They're also great for hauling loads of laundry to the laundry room or launderette. Unfortunately most have trouble getting up stairs or curbs, but not ours. It climbs so easily we've come to think of it as the mountain goat of shopping carts. Weighs a mere 11.7 lbs. and folds up to 9" deep to store in your trunk, hang on the wall, or tuck in your closet. Some assembly required.
This is what I want. Alex...can we break into our Las Vegas fund and buy this?

The Real Life View:

$39.95, and you can buy this online too.

So, don't steal the pretty carts from the Fairfax Farmers Market. For God's sake, don't think of stealing the carts from our (hopefully opening soon) Ralphs.


Laura said...

Thank you, Ginny! I've been wondering where I would get the cart I'll be needing for the Ralphs trips! Now I'm trying to decide if 9" folded is too big, or if the convenience of jumping curbs easily is worth it. How deep is your current cart when folded?

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your blog. Thank you for mentioning the Pacific Electric Building, which I feel fondly towards.
Once had a heart attack selling the building when the deal collapsed.
That will never happen again.
Ed Rosenthal

Ginny-Marie said...

When it's folded up it takes about 7 inches. It is stored right inside our doorway.

The curb jumping is one thing. I want it because there's a set of stairs that stands between my car and our most convenient elevator. If I had that stair-climbing cart...omg - I'd be unstoppable! UNSTOPPABLE!!!

And...Ed! I had no idea! You need to come over for dinner so the building can make it up to you! LOL!