Ramblings from the train trip

Homelessness, housing, and residential issues go hand in hand. Some are uneasy working in tandem with someone who may live on the street, or in a market-rate unit. I feel that it is important to see us all as one, all facing different circumstances, and sharing the same space. My hope is that our meeting sets the tone for how we would like to host this conversation. I want to give my time in an environment that welcomes respectful disagreement, fosters positive changes, and above all develop an all-encompassing policy that transcends our committee structure.

I would like to see a policy statement developed that is approved by all of the committees supporting the creation and on-going support for existing affordable housing stock. I want to see the same message, whether it be from economic development or the arts committee: downtown Los Angeles can only be a vibrant and sustainable community as long as the city protects her economic and cultural diversity.

Diversity is synonymous with the city of Los Angeles. We own it, work it, and live it. However, these are the undercurrents that also tear us apart.

I am a strong believer in the idea that if you know something is a problem and don't talk about it, it will continue to be a problem. But, once you identify the problem, this is the point where it is no longer, rather it is a challenge to face, topple, and overcome.

One problem I see I that DLANC has a number of tasks on her plate, that committees don't have enough guidance from the council, and the committees don't know how to get that guidance from them.

That said...let this be a guide: DLANC needs to protect the character of the neighborhood, protect our residents, businesses, and history.

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