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FUMC 2007

Power Restored in Tracyton; Squirrel Blamed


May 25, 2007

A squirrel was to blame for an outage this morning in the Tracyton area that left about 5,000 customers without power, according to Puget Sound Energy.

PSE's Tracyton substation crashed sometime before dawn, according to Dave Reid, an agency spokesman. Power was restored by about 9:30 a.m., he said.

A squirrel had apparently entered the substation and touched an energized conductor, which created a power short ? what Reid called an "energy arc" with 30,000 degree temperatures in the squirrel's immediate vicinity, Reid said.

While power had been restored, "the squirrel's gone onto a better place," he added.

All Signs Point South

I'm going to be called a traitor. Someone is going to come and take my Mariner's jersey, my Mariner pajama shorts, and all of my rookie Ken Griffey, Jr and Alex Rodriguez baseball cards. I am ready to put my stake in the sand – Ichiro is coming to Los Angeles.

How did this all start? When did I think Ichiro was going to start saving up to move to Los Angeles?

When I saw this picture:

Then, I saw this one:

Then I started reading in the Seattle papers that Ichiro has one more year left on his Mariner contract, and that he's been disappointed in the fact the team hasn't made it to the World Series. All I can say is – that's the way of the Mariners. Maybe it's a curse of the Mariners. They have great players, but the pistons have never fired at the right time, or been able to keep firing into the fall.

(ahem – Tino Martinez, Omar Vizquel, Ken Griffey, Jr, Alex Rodriguez, Randy Johnson...all have experienced this)

That was the day that I mentioned to My Friend Matt (MFM) – “I think We are going to take Ichiro off your hands.” I think MFM's reply was something along the lines of “whatever, you don't know what you are talking about.”

(This is Alex, Ginny and MFM)

This is Jeff Kent. Doesn't he look like MFM? Your answer is Yes.

Okay, when you get your picture taken with Tommy, that's not just Tommy Lasorda the interglatical leader of baseball...um...he's the Special Advisor to the Chairman of THE DODGERS. The Dodgers, hello...We could make space in our outfield for Ichiro. Andre could move to Center, Ichiro could take over a nice spot in right field. The batting order is already welcoming him...he goes after Nomar and before the MFM look-alike...Jeff Kent.

What was the third sign? Tonight I read that Mr. Ichiro bought a loft downtown. Yes, the same article that admitted Posh and Becks weren't coming to downtown, admitted that Mr. Bat-Catch-Steal will have a place to rest after a hard day at Chavez Ravine.

Face it...Ichiro is coming to Los Angeles. All signs point south.

Who's Ichiro?

Who said he bought a place in Los Angeles?

Ramblings from the train trip

Homelessness, housing, and residential issues go hand in hand. Some are uneasy working in tandem with someone who may live on the street, or in a market-rate unit. I feel that it is important to see us all as one, all facing different circumstances, and sharing the same space. My hope is that our meeting sets the tone for how we would like to host this conversation. I want to give my time in an environment that welcomes respectful disagreement, fosters positive changes, and above all develop an all-encompassing policy that transcends our committee structure.

I would like to see a policy statement developed that is approved by all of the committees supporting the creation and on-going support for existing affordable housing stock. I want to see the same message, whether it be from economic development or the arts committee: downtown Los Angeles can only be a vibrant and sustainable community as long as the city protects her economic and cultural diversity.

Diversity is synonymous with the city of Los Angeles. We own it, work it, and live it. However, these are the undercurrents that also tear us apart.

I am a strong believer in the idea that if you know something is a problem and don't talk about it, it will continue to be a problem. But, once you identify the problem, this is the point where it is no longer, rather it is a challenge to face, topple, and overcome.

One problem I see I that DLANC has a number of tasks on her plate, that committees don't have enough guidance from the council, and the committees don't know how to get that guidance from them.

That said...let this be a guide: DLANC needs to protect the character of the neighborhood, protect our residents, businesses, and history.

Busy days in the Brideau-Case household

I've been trying to get some kind of rhythm going when it comes o reading my email. I used to live in front of my computer, read email, view websites, and read the email again. Some how, I lost the ability to keep track of all of the conversations. Maybe I'm busy keeping the face-to-face conversations fresh in my mind, and letting the email conversations just skim the surface of my brain.

Who knows?

Anyways, busy days in the Brideau-Case household. Between Neighborhood Council activities, church, church building, UMW, interviews, work, friends, family - last night was the one night we would have time to spend together, and we fell asleep at 6:30, reading our mail! We don't have a night alone until next week - barring any helicopter landings or emergency Rotary events. We'll figure it out.

Here's the funny part about how busy we are. Alex and I used to be very active in the Green Party. We were national delegates, on multiple committees, and we spent most of our spare income on traveling to Green Party events. For a couple of reasons, we had to step back from all of the travel, but we really didn't see a change in available free time. We are still missing "spontaneous free time" that every one talks about...but does it exist?

Story time!

One night, when I lived West Hollywood-adjacent, and Alex lived Santa Monica-adjacent, Alex called and left a voicemail - "Hey, if you aren't doing anything this weekend, want to go to Las Vegas?" And, within the hour we were on our way east. I'd never been, so I didn't know what to expect. In any case, we played slots, we went to different casinos, and went back to the hotel room at 4 a.m.

Next day we get up and head out for breakfast. On our walk there, my cell phone rang incessantly. And, after ignoring a couple of calls, I finally picked up on from the State Party co-chair. He recapped all of the email in less than 5 minutes, and asked - "So how's your day". My reply: "Oh, Alex and I are in Las Vegas, can we talk about all this later?" His reply was a disappointed-simple: Sure.

That was a sign. Alex and I attract talkers (or maybe we are the talkers and we hold people hostage). No matter where we go, what we do, what we say, it's hard for us to keep a low profile. Inevitably one of us meets someone who's very excited we've stepped into the picture, and wants us to be a part of this that and the other. And, I have to admit - I buy into it, and then drag him along.

However, the Neighborhood Council thing....all his fault. :-) We went to one public works committee meeting, and for all topics to be discussed: Toilets. It took me all of 5 minutes to get sucked in. For Alex, it's all about the trains: Light rail, Amtrak, Metrolink, Subways...if it's got a fixed-guideway, he's on it.

In any case, Las Vegas was first spontaneous trip. The second was the Catalina day trip. His birthday trip to the W doesn't really count, because it was his birthday. And, maybe at that rate, Catalina doesn't count either, because it was Valentine's Day. Oh...WTF...it all counts.

Now I totally want to go on a trip, but my next free weekend...isn't for a couple of weeks.