Today's Quiz: Who Got Ginny Sick?

I woke up monday morning, feeling a little slower than usual. I figured it was just that it was Monday morning, and that I was just slow. So, when I got up this morning, feeling >really< slow, I thought to myself, "gee, I feel like I caught a cold. Again"

Most of my friends know that I get sick all the time. In fact, if you ask Alex, I'm sick all of the time: Sore Throat, Upset Stomach, Didn't Sleep Well. Wah, Wah.

So, on my way home, early from work, I thought to myself, why do I keep coming down with stuff.

Let's See, in the past week I've:

  • Been on four flights, lasting more than an hour
  • Spent quality time at O'Hare airport with thousands of other germy characters
  • Shaken hands in Lawrence
  • Shaken hands in Columbia
  • Church - hugs, kisses, hand shaking
  • Neighborhood Council thing...hand shaking
  • Open doors, using a door handle
  • Pushed a grocery cart
  • Been on the Gold Line
  • Been on 4 buses
  • Been in 2 hotel rooms
  • eaten from 6 buffets
  • picked up Alex who was on a short hop, then trans-Pacific flight
  • lived with Alex who came home with a cold
Okay, so where could I have picked up this cold.

I'm eating some ice cream and going back to sleep.

Oh, and by the way...the neighbor picked this day to post items on the wall, using a drill.

Can I just hide?

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