From my window...

Okay, so, I stayed home from work today because I didn't feel well last night, woke up this morning, still feeling not so good. Ended up sleeping the whole day. Woke up at four this afternoon, and I still feel like I could sleep another 8 hours. I figure that I can put it off for a couple of hours and sleep the whole night.

I headed up to Famima for coffee and tiramisu. But, of course as soon as I got there I saw the magazine rack. My finalist included People, Us, and Time. I ended up choosing this month's Time because:
1) I had already seen Angelina's pictures

2) Us is already out of date, Perez Hilton is on top of it.
3) Ronald Regan was on the cover, and I can't pass up a crying old man.

Once I sat down to read the article, I was sidetracked reading about Gore and DiCaprio's "greening" of the Academy Awards. I haven't read the article about where the Right Went Wrong.

Here's the thing, I like reading about the conservatives, liberals, in-betweeners, nonbelievers, believers...I like to get caught up in how that whole thought process works.

Next thing, I'm coming up the elevator, and someone on the 7th floor reminded me of when we didn't have all this scaffolding on the outside of the building.

I can't wait until the construction on this building is done.

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