Oh, I forgot, drinking laws don't apply on NYE

Just Celebrating the New Year


A Bremerton police officer driving south on the Warren Avenue Bridge at 12:20 a.m. Sunday saw two men carrying a 12-pack of beer and open beer containers along the side of the road, according to police reports.

The officer stopped to ask the men how old they were. One male said he was 18 years old and the other 19 years old. The officer asked them why they were drinking if they weren’t 21 years old, and they said they were "Celebrating New Years." They both said they knew they weren’t old enough to be drinking.

The teens were released at the scene, but were cited on suspicion of minor in possession and having an open container of alcohol.

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Amanda said...

I just found your blog and am having fun reading it. I miss watching baseball, too! Hope you and Alex had a good, non-stressful holiday and New Year's. Maybe we can catch a Dodger game together this spring. -Amanda Sloane Murray