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Bainbridge Mariner Arrested for Drunken Boating
December 8, 2006


A 41-year-old Bainbridge man was arrested late Thursday for boating under the influence and failing to stop for officers pursuing his rowboat, according to the Bainbridge Island Police Department.

A Bainbridge officer had gone to the island's city dock, near Waterfront Park, and saw the 41-year-old "drifting" 10 feet from the dock in an 8-foot dinghy about 11:30 p.m., according to police reports.

The man was attempting to roll a cigarette on the boat, reports said. When officers called for him to return to the dock, he refused, and "was slurring his words to the point of them being nearly unintelligible," an officer said.

Using only oars, the man guided the row boat toward another boat in the harbor, and officers jumped into one of their own and gave chase.

Though officers pulled the man from his dinghy and onto their boat, the man refused to go onto the dock and kept a firm grip on the officers' boat, reports said.

With three officers pulling him off the boat, the man was finally handcuffed and placed into the back of a patrol car for transport to jail.

Though he refused to take an alcohol breath test, the officer said the man "reeked of alcohol," reports said.

He was booked into jail on suspicion of the charges.

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