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> Subject: New E-Policing Strategy
> From: E-Police Newsletter <>
> Date: Mon, November 20, 2006 11:05 am
> Dear Community Member,
> In an effort to better open the lines of communication between each of
> you and the Central Area station of the LAPD, we are now utilizing
> this electronic form of communication to alert you to information
> about our community here in the downtown Los Angeles Area.
> From time to time we will be sending out alerts on possible crime
> trends and asking for your help in solving these crimes. All
> information that we receive back is helpful and we look forward to
> using this new technology to improve the communication between us.
> Please spread the word and have your neighbors and business associates
> in the downtown area log onto the LAPD website and register to use the
> new e-policing tool so they can be included in our e-mail list
> Thanks for your support,
> Lieutenant Raymond Garvin
> Central Area

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