My Trip to Florida

So, traveling again to meet with Clients. Met with three of the four groups I intended to meet with. I woke up on Thursday morning to a big storm, and there was just no way I was able to get out of the hotel. I'm just not used to rain anymore. Funny to hear me say that.

Anyway, Florida has been fun. I left the sunroof open on Thursday. So, all the rain not only got the pavement, building, and grass wet, but I also have about 1/2 an inch of standing water in the rental car. Big Whoops on that one.

Usually, I think that I'm pretty put together. However, now...I know...I've been knocked off my high horse, and my new sweatshirt is damp. Couldn't eat at a nice place last night because I sit in the car for 5 minutes and it looks like I pee'd my pants and water went down my back.

It is really funny.


Curt Gibbs said...

Are you still the LA account rep?

Anonymous said...

It rains in Florida almost every day at 4 pm for about 25 minutes. Look at the size of the drops next time.


Ginny-Marie said...

Still the LA rep. :-)

And, MLaw...Yes...the car was trashed. This is why I should always have a car with a solid roof.