The lure of coffee

I recently completed a trip where I didn't get a real coffee for a couple of days. I've told the story of finding cockroaches in the coffee maker, and I have to admit...I became afraid of the coffee maker.

Much like the time I suddenly became afraid of sitting on the toilet, because the last time I sat down on the toilet that day, we had a small earthquake.

Anyway, today was one of those days were you would look at your computer screen, rip off a million emails, realize that it's lunch time (and you'd been there since 7:30). Then, lunch time came and went, and now all the sudden it's 5 after 5, boss man has gone home, and I'm trying to get out the door.

However, someone left a message on my website. Someone who I've always admired as a friend, and I can't stop thinking about how things are going with them! And, I wasn't going to be able to get on with my evening until I posted something, because I know they would be looking. HA HA!

So - M.'s it?


Anonymous said...

Not bad, been going to school and working the past 2 years. I had very little choice about it since my VA benifits were going to run out of time.

Use it or lose it so to speak.

I think I may focus on American film a bit more since it seems like somethign I am interested in.

I may register on you webiste sooner or later however I enjoy my sense of freedom having very little or no information about me on the internet.


Ginny-Marie said...

That's fine. No need to register, it's just another way for the man to track you. :-)

Anonymous said...

I have learned that even though we have tried to correct things I technically am "the man" no matter how dirty that makes me feel.

I have got to get to class.