LaMarche on Homelessness


The State of Homelessness In the United States
By Pat LaMarche

A powerful look at what it means to be homeless
in the United States

In her first, highly anticipated book, accomplished broadcaster and journalist, Pat
LaMarche has documented a piece of American life like no one else has. Having slept in 14 homeless shelters throughout the country over a two week period, and recording her experiences in a journal, LaMarche has captured the condition of this current humanitarian crisis and brought it sharply into focus.

Available October 5th, 2006 at

October 2006 • Paperback • 71⁄4" x
53⁄4" • B & W
168 Pages • $14.95 • ISBN: 1929565208

Upala Press
25 Caleb Street • Portland, Maine 04102 • USA
ph. 207-775-9872 • •

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