Thanks to Russell Brown for the invite!

The best part of my day is the transit. Go ahead and laugh and me now, it is okay, I’m used to it. The fact that I am driven through town, hop a train and roll on out to Pasadena, helps me relax – because I’m not sitting in the car, stuck at looking at the same backend of the car for 14 miles.

Thanks to Russell Brown for the invite!

I was invited to attend the Los Angeles Goodwill Ambassadors awards and dinner last night. It was the first time in a long time that I went to an event like that, ABMS (All By My Self) or minus Alex. Alex was invited to attend a public art meeting for the Expo line – and I’m very excited that he’s going to be a part of that. (more on that later)

Once I got to the building, made my way upstairs, I felt like I walked into a party for the “cool kids”, but once Don started introducing awardees, telling their story, pretty soon I felt like I had known some of these folks for much longer. It’s probably the thing I like best about Don, which is what he talks about, is exactly how he sees and feels it.

It was also very humbling. When I decided that I was going to run for the neighborhood council spot, I knew that I was going to be like jumping into a marathon that is at the mid-point. The rest of the runners have secured their spot in the pack through dedication to making something better. And, here I come wanting to join in, already grabbing for the water, because I’m already winded. 

In any case, Congrats to all the winners last night! It was a great time, I wish that I would have stayed longer. I left a little early to make the PE Lofts party, which turned out to be a “hot prospects” drinking event by the time I got there. I’m sure that the residential regulars had already come up for dinner and by 9 p.m. were most likely already in bed.

Or, busy on

I’m still working on collecting voter registration forms. Do you need one? Email me!

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