Best Email All Day

begin forwarded message:

From: Russell Brown
Subject: Congratulations, you are a Candidate for DLANC

You have been verified as a candidate for Downtown LA Neighborhood Council. Below is a list of the candidates. I have also included information as a reminder of the dates and basic information on the council.

Important dates to remember include this coming Monday August 21st at 5 PM. This is the deadline for return of Vote by Mail ballots. All qualified stakeholders can also vote the day of the election at the election site.

Thursday Sept 7th at 6 PM is the Candidate's Forum. This is your chance to introduce yourself to the community and to the other candidates.

Tuesday Sept 12th Noon to 8 PM Election Day at Macy's Plaza Courtyard.

OUTREACH to your friends and co-workers is important. Put fliers under your neighbor's door, hand out literature at the local coffee spot, email all your downtown dwellers and get them involved.

Remember, even if you are unopposed, get as many friends and co-workers as possible to register and vote. (How would it look if you only get 2 votes?) Besides, we want as many folks as possible aware of the great things the neighborhood council can do.

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