Busy September 6th?

The annual Good Neighbor dinner is coming up next week, and volunteers are needed to assist with giving parking directions, registration and greeting people. Good Neighbor awards are being given to Brady Westwater, President of DLANC; Honorable Jan Perry, and, Honorable Mark Ridley-Thomas.

The dinner takes place the evening of September 6th. If you are available to help out, please let me know! Tickets are $150 a piece, but if you can volunteer...then...no good deed goes unnoticed - it's likely you'll get dinner. I can double check if it's a make or break option. :-)

Gotta Get Home?


Metro Joins Southland County Transportation Agencies in Unveiling “Guaranteed Ride Home” Regional Program

A Southland partnership of county transportation agencies has unveiled its newest regional program to encourage commuters to share the ride to work. It’s called “Guaranteed Ride Home,” and it’s offered at no cost to participating employers and the commuters who work for them.

“This is a tremendous step forward in making ridesharing more appealing to Southland commuters,” said Cosette Stark, Metro’s Director of Research and Development.

Sponsored by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro), Orange County Transportation Authority, Riverside County Transportation Commission, and San Bernardino Associated Governments, Guaranteed Ride Home addresses some of the most often-heard objections to ridesharing. “I’d rideshare but…what if my child gets sick? What if I have to work late? What if I have a personal emergency?”

Guaranteed Ride Home takes the worry out of ridesharing by providing qualified employees a free rental car or taxi ride home if an emergency arises. “Employers have a difficult job convincing their employees to share the ride to work. This program makes it a little easier,” said Michelle Kirkhoff, Director of Air Quality/Mobility Programs, San Bernardino Associated Governments.

Companies located in the four county area must meet eligibility requirements in order to sign up and participate in the program. Once an employer is registered, their employees who rideshare to work can receive up to four free emergency rental car or taxi rides home in a 12-month period. And, if a company has their own guaranteed ride home program in place, this regional program can be used to augment theirs. Businesses of any size can enroll, and there is no cost to participate.

“This regional program recognizes the need to work together to come up with creative solutions for Southland transportation problems,” said Robert Yates, Program Manager – Commuter Assistance, Riverside County Transportation Commission.

“We are working to make it easier for area commuters to choose a transportation alternative. It’s just one more step toward decreasing traffic congestion and improving air quality,” said Judy Hernandez, Marketing Account Executive, Orange County Transportation Authority.

Businesses interested in enrolling in Guaranteed Ride Home may contact their local county transportation agency, visit www.commutesmart.info or contact 1-800-COMMUTE for more information.


• Editor’s Note: Metro is the proper name in referring to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority of Los Angeles County. For the past three years Metro has been changing all its signage and other materials to reflect the name change. If you need a current Metro logo, please call Metro Media Relations at (213) 922-2700.

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Who knew!!


Did they forget to pay to membership fee?

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-- Leading astronomers say Pluto is no longer defined as a planet, The Associated Press reports.

Best Email All Day

begin forwarded message:

From: Russell Brown
Subject: Congratulations, you are a Candidate for DLANC

You have been verified as a candidate for Downtown LA Neighborhood Council. Below is a list of the candidates. I have also included information as a reminder of the dates and basic information on the council.

Important dates to remember include this coming Monday August 21st at 5 PM. This is the deadline for return of Vote by Mail ballots. All qualified stakeholders can also vote the day of the election at the election site.

Thursday Sept 7th at 6 PM is the Candidate's Forum. This is your chance to introduce yourself to the community and to the other candidates.

Tuesday Sept 12th Noon to 8 PM Election Day at Macy's Plaza Courtyard.

OUTREACH to your friends and co-workers is important. Put fliers under your neighbor's door, hand out literature at the local coffee spot, email all your downtown dwellers and get them involved.

Remember, even if you are unopposed, get as many friends and co-workers as possible to register and vote. (How would it look if you only get 2 votes?) Besides, we want as many folks as possible aware of the great things the neighborhood council can do.

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Rolling on the floor laughing

People thought I was weird for laughing at this

Thanks to Russell Brown for the invite!

The best part of my day is the transit. Go ahead and laugh and me now, it is okay, I’m used to it. The fact that I am driven through town, hop a train and roll on out to Pasadena, helps me relax – because I’m not sitting in the car, stuck at looking at the same backend of the car for 14 miles.

Thanks to Russell Brown for the invite!

I was invited to attend the Los Angeles Goodwill Ambassadors awards and dinner last night. It was the first time in a long time that I went to an event like that, ABMS (All By My Self) or minus Alex. Alex was invited to attend a public art meeting for the Expo line – and I’m very excited that he’s going to be a part of that. (more on that later)

Once I got to the building, made my way upstairs, I felt like I walked into a party for the “cool kids”, but once Don started introducing awardees, telling their story, pretty soon I felt like I had known some of these folks for much longer. It’s probably the thing I like best about Don, which is what he talks about, is exactly how he sees and feels it.

It was also very humbling. When I decided that I was going to run for the neighborhood council spot, I knew that I was going to be like jumping into a marathon that is at the mid-point. The rest of the runners have secured their spot in the pack through dedication to making something better. And, here I come wanting to join in, already grabbing for the water, because I’m already winded. 

In any case, Congrats to all the winners last night! It was a great time, I wish that I would have stayed longer. I left a little early to make the PE Lofts party, which turned out to be a “hot prospects” drinking event by the time I got there. I’m sure that the residential regulars had already come up for dinner and by 9 p.m. were most likely already in bed.

Or, busy on pebuilding.org

I’m still working on collecting voter registration forms. Do you need one? Email me!


Ani Difranco has a new album out today.

I love Ani Difranco!

It's an Ani day.