You can never go home, to find an open coffee shop

After visiting with Dad, Liz, and Mark, I was off to Bremerton to meet up with my friend Matt. I figured we could go out and get a cup of coffee - so we headed off at about 4 p.m. to Olympic Coffee. Olympic Coffee is right by Fred Myer, which is the greatest store since, um EVER! At Fred Myer, you can buy a suit, replacement wipers, potting soil, fresh broccoli, and new towns for your house all at one store.

Olympic Coffee was closed.

So we headed off to Irises. I used to work for the owner when it was Mud Bay Coffee, and we stayed open until 6 p.m., so I figured we would be safe. The unfortunate thing was that we would have to drive across town.

We made the drive, pulled up, and it was closed!

Next stop, Coffee Oasis. closed.

Coffee shop in old town. Closed.

Fraiche Cup - open! Open until 6!

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